The Movement You Built in 2012

In 2012, you—our global community—ignited the flame and guided our every move as we completed our evolution to a full-fledged action media network. This year we doubled down on our commitment to lift and unite grassroots voices and we piloted new initiatives to reach deeper into the heart of rising women’s leadership movements. Whether you are new to World Pulse, or have supported our vision from the beginning, we celebrate some of this year’s major wins with you!

Together, we’re uniting change leaders from 190 countries

This is what a vocal uprising looks like! This year our website traffic more than doubled. Grassroots leaders from all over the world made hundreds of thousands of individual connections on our platform: building friendships and alliances, exchanging resources and ideas, and supporting one another’s leadership.

We were also reminded what makes this community so special: 60% of members who responded to our most recent survey reported being inspired to take action to create change in their communities.

Together, we are nurturing grassroots movements that will change our world

Seeding peace in the Congo

"As the women of Liberia stood together and made their wishes known before their government and the world, so are the women of Congo and the world standing together, making our wishes known” - Neema Namadamu

With the support of World Pulse sisters from across the globe, a group of women crowded around a handful of computers in Eastern Congo has grown into a major peace movement, garnering worldwide attention and the endorsement of Nobel Peace Laureates.

Led by World Pulse correspondent Neema Namadamu, the Maman Shujaa or “Hero Women” of the Congo are taking their destiny into their own hands. These women living in the conflict-devastated region of South Kivu—many of whom have never before had an email account—are now using technology to connect directly with global supporters, and spread their urgent visions for peace.

With your help, the Hero Women of the Congo are poised to make history.

  • They launched a petition imploring the women of the White House to appoint a US special envoy in the region. In the first two weeks, they blew past their original goal of 5,000 signatures to over 12,000 and counting.
  • They are currently developing a National Action Plan for peace.
  • They are working on scaling up their Internet cafe into a regional communications network to spread access and empowerment throughout Eastern DRC and beyond.
Ending breast ironing in Cameroon

Last year, Chi Yvonne Leina’s reporting on World Pulse drew international attention to breast ironing, a hidden, widespread practice endangering adolescent girls in Leina’s home country of Cameroon.

With your encouragement, Leina’s dream of ending breast ironing is in sight. She has trained dozens of community educators who have now reached over 10,000 women who have disavowed the practice. This means upwards of 10,000 young girls will avoid having their bodies tortured and suppressed. And with each new trainer, this number is growing exponentially.

Spreading a global digital revolution

Logging onto World Pulse from challenging, low-bandwidth environments, women are overcoming physical, economic, and cultural barriers to access technology. And once connected, they are bringing their sisters along with them.

Together, we’re influencing global decisionmakers

This year, we launched two digital action campaigns with the belief that women hold the key to solutions for transforming their communities.

In May, we brought your on-the-ground recommendations to world leaders at the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development. This month we wrapped up our Ending Violence Against Women Campaign, our largest yet with 655 written testimonies from all over the world, videos, and a mobile survey in the Congo. We heard the urgency in your voices on this issue and we are preparing to bring your stories to the African Union Summit in January and the UN Commission on the Status of Women in March.

Together, we’re amplifying women’s voices

Each year we train 30 correspondents in new media, citizen journalism, and empowerment. But the impact doesn’t stop there. At the end of the program each correspondent shares her newly acquired skills with at least five women in her community. Over the last three years our 90 trained citizen journalists have gone on to train an additional 1,200 women and men how to use new media to tap into the power of their own voice, demonstrating a powerful multiplier effect.

In September, we introduced you to three of our correspondents, Neema, Stella, and Hummingbird, during the four-city World Pulse LIVE tour. In front of live audiences, major media, and key global forums, they voiced the collective hopes of women in the Congo, India, Syria, and the entire global World Pulse community.

Together, we’re rewriting the headlines

In a year when much of global news media has recycled the same hopeless stories of intractable conflict, and the repeated failures of global summits and climate deals, we saw grassroots women leaders rising up with their own headlines. Women as Decision Makers. Halting the Beasts of Syria. Congo’s Rainforest: Demanding to Be Valued. African Women on Fire! Acting Together to Fight Tuberculosis. Creating a Healthier Future for Our Youth.

This year, we introduced new content partnerships with Reuters’ TrustLaw, CNN iReport, and the Huffington Post, with more to come. We are steadily gearing up for a world where women’s resilience and leadership dominate the headlines.

2013: Looking ahead

World Pulse isn’t just an organization. We are a network of hundreds of volunteers, thousands of members, tens of thousands of engaged global citizens, and a coalition of partner organizations united in action.

This is your movement. You are standing up to injustice in your communities. You are raising your voices towards solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. You are supporting your sisters across the globe to lead change. Your support is already changing the paradigm.

We are listening. We welcome your ideas and feedback through comments here or through email at Together, we can make 2013 a tipping point for women’s leadership worldwide.

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Thanks for sharing all the wonderful happenings of 2012!

Reading it, I am lit up by the potential we create by coming together, supporting one another and offering safe spaces to be heard.

It's why I love World Pulse---because it's a co-creative space that allows our true voices to flow, and this creates something totally new. New solutions, new ideas, new movements arise from the merging of all our unique voices!

Thank you World Pulse! I imagine 2013 to be that tipping point for women's leadership.

Warmly, Carrie

Congratulations to World Pulse for its high impact accomplishments in 2012. This appreciation extends to all the great women and men who shared their time and efforts to make things happen. Praise Jesus for all of you!

Ma. Lydia G. CallanoIloilo, Philippines+63 33 3158137 or 5138830

Keep it up. I like the touching base attitude of the World Pulse team. it tell me that I am part of a big caring family that checks on you even if you are quiet. Bravo our voices are getting louder.


Women in charge of their destiny, yes. But there is also a word of caution here. Invariably, in the name of independence, the following negative patters also come into effect -

a) Girls/women may not marry b) Girls/women marry late by saying 'I can wait for some years more, no problem for me' c) They may not want child/children of their own, seeking freedom d) They take undue advantage of law if it favors women e) They may not spend their money for family needs and expenses, saying that it is man's responsibility and not mine f) They may not have the natural feeling and love for their own child as much as is in the natural world, g) For them work may become the top; and the dominating priority,etc

So, women also have to have a look at this. Some women may not be sincere about having family life, how much percent is for you to determine.

Best Regards,

Mr Sanjay Dixit Mumbai,India

sanjay r. dixit