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"When our whispers become a trumpet throughout the world, we will be a great power for change." -Malayapinas

What if your support could give a woman the courage to run for office and advocate for millions like her?
It can! Donate today through May 23 and our board chair, Ellen Wingard will match your gift dollar-for-dollar. Your donation to World Pulse will support the leadership of women like Malayapinas.


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As a young child in the Philippines, Malayapinas earned her way through school toiling as a farmworker in banana plantations. When she discovered World Pulse, her articles about ending corruption and violence in the Philippines were picked up by international media. By networking on World Pulse, she built a global support base.
Recently, Malayapinas decided to run for Congress in the Philippines as the only woman on the opposition platform. Thanks to the encouragement of the World Pulse community, she knew she had the power to be the voice for millions of silenced women in her country. 
And Malayapinas is in good company. Over the last three years, the women in the World Pulse community have catapulted into action, improving the lives of over 2.2 million people with their newfound confidence and leadership.
When you support World Pulse, you are opening a digital door for women like Malayapinas, who are collectively changing the lives of millions.
Open a digital door of opportunity today! Donate by May 23 and our board chair, Ellen Wingard will match your gift dollar-for-dollar. Any amount helps. Here are some examples of what your gift can achieve:

  • $25 provides a press pass and training materials for a World Pulse correspondent. 
  • $50 enables a woman to connect to World Pulse and safely access the online resources she needs to realize her vision and find her voice.
  • $100 produces a digital story from a woman in an unheard region of the world.
  • $250 takes a woman’s testimony to the halls of power and delivers her message to an influential forum such as the UN or the U.S. Department of State.
  • $1,000 equips a woman to train 100 others in her community in digital media and empowerment. 
In gratitude, 
Jensine Larsen & the World Pulse community
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