To Our Volunteers: We Couldn't Do It Without You!

Every member of our community is a volunteer on some level. Whether you have shared a resource or journal entry in our online community, made connections with global change leaders, or relayed a World Pulse story over the dinner table with your family, we thank you for devoting your valuable time and energy to becoming a voice for change in the world. Today we would like to give special thanks to a few categories of volunteers who have taken on especially crucial roles in this growing movement. We rely on an extensive network of volunteers from every corner of the globe to fulfill our mission to lift and unite women’s voices to accelerate their impact for the world. Our volunteers bring joy and energy to our office and our global online community. Thank you for all you make possible.

Community Listeners and Welcome Committee

At World Pulse, we believe that when women are heard, they will change the world. Our community Listeners are doing their part by making hundreds upon hundreds of supportive comments on community journal posts. Our volunteer Welcomers greet each new member, reinforcing her important role in this global movement. Thank you Listeners and Welcomers for creating a radically positive and nurturing online environment where a woman can speak up and feel safe, supported, empowered, and heard.

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Event and Office Volunteers

You show up at our office, you show up at our events, and you show up big time for women around the world. A huge thank you to our office and event volunteers who made invaluable contributions to the successful World Pulse LIVE tour this fall, the Voices of Our Future program, data management, development support, and the monitoring and evaluation of our programs.

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Have you noticed content in French on our site? With a program focus on the Democratic Republic of Congo this year, we rolled out a new community translator role and took a major stride toward our ultimate goal of a multilingual platform. Our French-to-English translators welcomed over 100 new members from the Congo, and they translated over 300 journal entries and 1,000 responses to our mobile survey into English for greater access by our wider community. Thank you to all the French-English translators for applying your expertise to bridge the divide between women leaders across languages and continents!

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Online Community Management Volunteers

World Pulse has only one staff Online Community Manager for a community of thousands! We are indebted to our Online Community Management Volunteers who find opportunities and resources to share on our Resource Exchange, actively engage members, and uphold the quality and culture of this special community. Thank you!

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Intel Volunteers

We have had an incredible collaboration with Intel this year. Intel staff members helped us improve the mobile accessibility of our website and created maps and data visualizations for our digital action campaigns and mobile survey in the Congo. Thank you for wholeheartedly embracing our mission and generously donating your time and tech savvy!

Voices of Our Future Vision Mentors and Editorial Midwives

The Voices of Our Future Program is a unique and effective training program in large part because of dedicated one-on-one relationships to support the rising voices of grassroots women change leaders. These skilled professionals generously share their time and talents to ensure correspondents have a successful program experience. Thank you Mentors and Editorial Midwives for supporting emerging women leaders to create impact in the world!

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It's a testament to our incredibly awesome and robust volunteer community that we don't have room to list every volunteer here. We don't take your contributions for granted! We are inspired by every one of you, who generously give your passion, time, and talents to drive this movement forward.

Thank you! The World Pulse Team

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I wanted to echo a huge shout out to our wonderful volunteers: many, many warm thanks and incredible appreciation and gratitude for all your do to keep World Pulse thriving and embody our community and vision!


It is an incredible network of selfless and self-giving individuals, making sacrifices to build up our sisterhood around the world. My new sister Valerie, shown in the photo above, drove 10 hours to Portland with her mom to meet and have dinner with me. That's after she had already given countless hours to me thousands of miles away, helping this strong headed woman to learn the skills afforded in the Voices of our Future program. And her mom adopted me as her own in love, and now we are family.

And now that we have begun a women's media training center in Bukavu, DRC, I have seen that each new member is welcomed into the community, and how every Journal entry they make is read and commented on so that everyone not only feels valued, but is contributing to our global understanding. And many have found themselves being featured or quoted online. Thanks so much to the volunteer editors and translators for all that you have contributed here, which goes much farther than editing and translation!

We are all contributing and we are all gaining from one another, encouraging and building up one another, and establishing in our hearts the world we anticipate manifesting: one that leads with heart, and speaks from community, and acts with intention toward a future where everyone is able to live in the good of Life in its fullest expression.

So very grateful to be among you,


Thank you to all of our incredible volunteers who are the heart and soul of the World Pulse community! Together we are fueling a movement for change and creating a world where women feel the support to speak her truth and the network to launch her vision.

In gratitude, Jade

Thank you to all of our volunteers and community members. I've been privileged to work alongside some of you directly and have felt such a want to give through sharing of time, expertise, and caring. Everyday I learn something new from our community members about the state of the world, sometimes difficult things, but equally I learn about the size of the human heart. Thank you for the sharing of your hearts.

Many hugs, Kathy

Huge gratitude for all our volunteers, from every corner of the world. Thank you for all you make possible and help us achieve collectively in lifting and uniting women's voices to accelerate their impact for the world!

It's an honor to partner with every one of you! Ellie

Being a volunteer translator for the DRC campaign has really allowed me to get much more involved in Pulse Wire and learn a lot of things from the stories I worked on. It pushed me in general to connect more, read more, and communicate more often with other members.

I truly hope our translations helped English-speaking members to discover some DRC stories cause they are so important.

In turn, I would also like to thank once more Jade and Scott for being always there to answer emails and for thanking us - this does not happen in every volunteer position...!


I am really Happy to be a World Pulse Member. World Pulse has recognized that I have made some contribution somewhere in this world and it mattered; this was conveyed to me by World Pulse Team. Not everyone is so clear in their honesty about it.

So, I thank World Pulse and encourage them to work in the same spirit in the future also. I am sure they will.

Best Regards, Mr Sanjay Dixit Mumbai,India

Sanjay R. Dixit