A Speaking and Media Tour with a New Generation of Women Web 2.0 Citizen Journalists

World Pulse is bringing Sunita, Malayapinas, and Jacqueline, our three award-winning Voices of Our Future correspondents to the United States in November, to tour through five cities and share how World Pulse and new media has changed their lives. Pulling from their experiences in our rigorous five-month Voices of Our Future program, the three women will advise us on how we can harness technology to empower women.

Whether you attend in person or follow us online, we want you to be a part of our earth-shaking speaking Voices of Our Future tour!

Visit the Voices of Our Future tour page to find out more.

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The world does not know the mystery of a woman,women are producing human being without fatigue. If you take a tit the extreme of it and float to the extreme of the penis the,it becomes weaker,and so on. We shall talk more about this next time as people contribute with their comments on the subject.

Hello World Pulse Members! We have a wonderful treat for you...

Interpretive BIZ Media Project (show host and WP member, Violet Kashewa) will interview the 2009 Voices of Our Future Tour Correspondents on November 17, 2010, on Blog Talk Radio. Their voices and aspirations will be heard live at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/interpretivebiz and through archived podcasts. It's easy to listen and enjoy the interviews.

Rev. Violet Kashewa, MscB. Interpretive BIZ Media Project www.interpretivebiz.com

How my afternoon and my life was blessed listening to these three amazing women and their inspiring stories. I came away rededicated to participating in changing our world. Thank you so much for your passion and willingness to make the world a better place

Thank you for sharing your stories in an inspirational SF setting. I brought my 22 year-old-daughter and spent the evening brainstorming how to make a difference one story at a time.

JT Long

telling stories; creating communities

Hello ladies


Booooooooo! Congradulations ladies,you 've thrilled us.Even as you shall be touring the five cities sharing how world pulse and new media has changed your lives i want to say a word of encouragement to all of you,that its high time now that put all ideas into action,action them,as you roar there let the world see the work of your hands.

Run with your vision,as you run with it shall be established and our communities 's needs will be met.I believe world pulse is proud of you ladies.We women out here, we are watching and attentively listening,adoring your achievements.So you are there for a reason.

So arise and shine for you have received light thruogh World Pulse.May God bless our site members for the love and assistance they give us we women.

Malayapians you are a hero,Stay blessed,I love you.

Jacquilene,you are so sweet,let love reign forever .I love you

Sunita,A hero,an ambassador,keep your voive up gal.My love goes to you.

You ladies are so amazing.

Thank you all.We love you all.ENJOY THE REST.

Cheers and Best Wishes


"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

It's a great recognition as you have achieved. Go ahead friend with friends of one world together. I would be proud to be a part of your efforts for promoting new dream in coming world for women.

Best wishes to you and Cheers.

Monu Gupta Bangladesh


I was so happy hear the three of you talking on our experience with WP, highlighting worldwide and bringing our voices to that corners of the world and telling them that women were and are unstoppable! This an experience of which we all are proud and full of dignity. You are the best to represent the VOF 2009 correspondents. Go ahead great women.. Wishing you all the best. Regards,