URGENT ACTION: Stand Up for Our Sisters in the Congo

“We have had enough. We call upon our global sisterhood to take action. We will not be quiet until REAL Peace is upon us.”

On November 20th M23 rebels seized Goma, a major city in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, reigniting a war that has ravaged the region for 16 years.

World Pulse Correspondent Neema Namadamu and our community of Congolese women who call themselves the Mama Shujaa ('Hero Women' in Swahili) are calling on you and women leaders at the White House—Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, and Michelle Obama—to take immediate action in solidarity with the women of the Congo. Read her call, then sign the petition to show your support. I was born in a very remote village in South Kivu Province, eastern Congo. I belong to a marginalized tribe and I am crippled from Polio. But none of those things characterize me. I have a vision for my country—a new and peaceful Congo—that compels me, and its destiny is driving me.

War has ravaged my homeland for 16 years. Today, eastern Congo is labeled the worst place on earth to be a woman. We have been brutalized by our brothers who perpetrate violence on the bodies of their sisters, daughters, and mothers in the worst imaginable ways. A woman is 134 times more likely to be raped in my region than a woman in the United States. Several months ago, soldiers indiscriminately beat my own daughter.

Congo is home to the second largest rain forest in the world, behind Brazil, and 60% of all Africa’s forests. It has enough hydropower potential to power all of Africa. It has an estimated 24 trillion dollars of mineral wealth, far greater un-monetized wealth than any other nation in the world. But the mothers of its children live in poverty, in fear of being raped, daily losing their sons and husbands to endless wars. We are brutalized in unconscionable ways by monsters wearing military uniforms. We are tired of this. We have had enough.

We know that we can create peaceful, sustainable communities in Congo through a holistic new model that ends violence, poverty, and the destruction of nature altogether.

This July I set up a women’s internet café and media center and gathered grassroots women leaders across my region to discuss the future of our country. Within two months we had nearly 200 women activists reporting about life in war-torn DRC through the action media network World Pulse. We began speaking out—demanding the Congo we hold in our hearts to manifest all around us. As women, our solutions are inclusive, as they are rooted in family and community.

But last week rebels took hold of Goma, inflicting more horrors upon its women and children—even pregnant women—and threatened to advance to our area. The region has been destabilized by this deadly power play and 140,000 people have been displaced.

We as women must join together now because WE CAN. Even in remote Congo we have become connected to our global sisterhood. We who are One with the 35 million+ women of the DRC, who are One with the 3.5 billion+ women of the world, are standing for an end to all violence and aggression in Eastern DRC. We will not be quiet until REAL peace is upon us.

We, the grassroots women leaders of eastern DRC, call upon our female counterparts in the White House—our sisters Secretary Hillary Clinton, Ambassador Susan Rice, Senior White House Advisor Valerie Jarrett, and First Lady Michelle Obama—to speak with your President on our behalf and ensure a true peace process begins in our homeland.

We ask for the immediate appointment of a special presidential envoy to work with the African Union and United Nations to forge a peace process that addresses both the immediate crisis and the underlying longer-term economic and political interests of the parties involved. Only through a mediation of this level can we hope to establish resolution among the numerous states, rebel armies, and special interests who have long fueled this conflict and humanitarian crisis.

And, it is essential that any action ensures Congolese women—who are uniquely positioned to act on behalf of family and community—have a voice in the peace process and a seat at the table.



Neema Namadamu and the Mama Shujaa (‘Hero Women’) of the Democratic Republic of Congo

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I stand with you sister. All my love! We say prayers for Neema. My son says " hello Neema. Dear Jesus, I wish Neema's friends have a house and enough food to eat Amen". (His words not mine). All our love! Michelle

Let us Hope together- Michelle aka: Cali gal Listener Sister-Mentor @CaliGalMichelle facebook.com/caligalmichelle Tweets by @CaliGalMich

Merci maman BRIGITTE du courage ment faite de ma part.

Il ne suffit pas de me lire mais il faut agir ,crier très for en priant le Seigneur pour que la guerre cesse dans notre pays.

please Jade add me to the competition! L'union fait la force dit on. Étant donné que nos consœurs de la Maison Blanche sont touchées par nos misères elles seront nos interlocutrices auprès de nos dirigeants internationaux . Vaut mieux tard que jamais! nous espérons qu'un jour cette guerre prendra fin et nous aurons la paix qui nous fourra du pain.

Nous,en tant que femme,nous sommes victimes de guerres et atrocités commis par des hommes insensés et déshumanisés!Ils nous ont longtemps muselés mais il est temps que nous prenons la paroles pour lutter contre ces hommes et défendre nos intérêts en tant que femme.nous irons jusqu'au bout!

The government of DRC has a major responsibility in this context. The government of DRC appears to have become dysfunctional. The Home ministry, the Legal Justice Department, the Police which is for maintaining the Law and Order of societies, appear to have gone out of gear completely.

Women have to report their cases to these departments,whose duty it is to address and resolve their issues. It is surprising and unfortunate that the government has no control over state administration. And by the way, for what(what work) do they get their salaries for from the tax payers money.They appear to be sitting cozily in their offices sipping tea/coffee and eating lavish food when, under their nose, people are being killed and women raped among other atrocities.

Women must seek urgent international support and the international community ought to provide the support.

Regards, Sanjay Dixit Mumbai, India.

Sanjay R. Dixit

The governement of drc is ruled by a rwandese , the topmen in the army are all illegal congolese in fact rwandese, and the eastern part of congo is full with illegal from rwanda , together with corrupted congolese they eat congolese flesh for dinner yes indeed......

Hi we congolese women from the Diaspora, are engaged in a congophile plea for years...we are your voice.r We need to join our voices ....we need to understand that not only the international community can help in limits, but we have to face the fact of treason of our current leadership,, co perpatrator of all types of crimes in our beloved country: raped in his population, ressources, biodiversity, ecology....in order to fill their offshore accounts with billion;;;;; Let's stand against our fellow congolese collaborating with our devil ennemies to rape us for money.....


My heart goes out to you and all the wonderful people in Congo. I was born in Kamelia and raised near Goma, my heart is still there with all of the fabulous people in Eastern Congo. I pray, donate, sign petitions and wish I could do more. I am with you in solidarity, praying that these awful wars will end and you will have peace.



I stand with you and the Congolese Women!!!! My support, thoughts, and prayers for you all!!! You need support from many directions. From the government to rid the country of corrupt Congolese and the Illegal Rwandans put them on trial for Crimes Against humanity as well as from all of us and any of the aid agencies to help restore peace and security for our sisters and your children. You all are in my prayers!!!



Jennifer Johnson


It is wonderful to see how much courage and hope GOD has given you and all the other Congolese women. Your increasing efforts to bring about change will defenitely bring PEACE to your country.

Keep up the efforts and hopes. Your prayers will be heard. I will always remember you all in my prayers. GOD BLESS


I am with you mama shujaa, Neema. I agree that we must rise our voices but don't forget that we must work hand in hand, in order to change our country.

God bless you!

THERESE( Maman Shujaa, Drc)