Violence Against Women: Time to ACT

Rape. Domestic violence. Acid burnings. Dowry deaths. Honor killings.

Violence affects women in every corner of the globe. The PulseWire community has already spoken out about the urgent need to end violence against women worldwide. Now it is time to take the message to the halls of power. The International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA)—The first comprehensive legislation to prioritize the issue of violence against women within US foreign policy—needs your support to pass through US Congress. This is a historic opportunity to take action and assert a global commitment to fight violence against women.

World Pulse calls on our global network of leaders and activists to write letters in support of the legislation and help push I-VAWA through. World Pulse will package your letters and deliver them directly to President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and key US senators.

We will also select and publish the most powerful letters in a new editorial column of our online Magazine, throughout the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence.

Click here to learn more about I-VAWA and join our letter writing campaign.

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Participation by writing letter is an action one should not turn their backs. I encourage everyone to participate in the important event. Help half the population to live peacefully and without fear.

Please act.

In hope Amei

There is no tool strong and more powerful than our voice!!! The letter campaign to stop violence against women is a powerful one and one that should not be ignored. Your voice counts and can make change in this world.

I encourage all members and non members to share this with others in and out of there communities. Write your letter today and see a better tomorrow!!!

In light we all shine, in Darkness we all are silenced... share the light.


Women are more than half the human world and yet so few are in position to make policy, decisions, judgments and add their special wisdom and intuition to the world dialogue. We need not only to make ourselves heard, but to stop the abuse against our gender.


i am new to this site and want to submit a letter in support of this issue.Can anyone please tell me how to do so?i can't find a link anywhere where i can submit my letter?

thanks, pawani

Alaham-dulil-llah at least few women could still say something, with out letting go. with little by little we we will be come much and raise same voice. lets keep voicing out most especially our young once who has fall the victim of rape and child abuse, there most be surely a solution some day some how: lets make that action now.

Bissalam Zainab Ahmed

I believe that this is such an important issue that is being dealt with all over the world. Our voices should not be ignored. We need to be heard and one by one participate in stopping such abusive act. let us not stay silent and speak up not only for ourselves but for the victims too.

Encouraging everyone to please share this with others and let our voices be heard, hoping for a better tomorrow.

Thank you Ellie

Depuis le 01/04/2014 plus de 33 femmes et jeunes filles ont accede au projet AFDAM et 172 femmes et filles ont accede aux methodes PF. Mais nous sommes en difficulte car nous manquons l,appareilecographique pour savoir l,age de grossesse ou si elle est intra ou extra uterin. Nous sollicitons une aide a ceux qui vont nous lire.