Visionary Leaders: World Pulse Announces New Columnists

World Pulse is thrilled to announce an exciting new column featuring visionary leaders from empowerment organizations across the globe. Every month, you'll read the reflections of some of the world's most compelling and visionary thought pioneers on the Visionary Leaders column page. It's already begun. Last month, we featured the voice of co-founder and president of Women Thrive Worldwide Ritu Sharma, and this month you heard from Geeta Rao Gupta, president of the International Center for Research on Women. Stayed tuned as more columnists join the roster, including The Global Fund for Women's Kavita Ramdas, Women for Women International's Zainab Salbi, and CARE's Helene Gayle. 

 Visit the Visionary Leaders column page to find out what is capturing the attention of these powerful leaders, and be sure to check back frequently as more columnists share their thoughts and insights on the world's most pressing problems.

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This will be a must read for all who are aspiring to be leaders. By reading the stories on the powerful Leaders,it will also make us aspire to grow in our own ways. Thanks for connecting us with the World Leaders. Love, Consolata