A Visionary Voice from Kenya

A year ago, Leah Auma Okeyo was dying from AIDS. Today, she uses World Pulse to help heal herself and the 16 HIV-infected women in her care.

In her impoverished Kenyan town, news travels through word of mouth. After Leah heard that PulseWire—World Pulse's interactive community newswire—could help her mission of caring for women with HIV, she decided to make the long trek to the local internet café to share her story.

She immediately connected with AIDS leaders around the world and, with their help, was able to plan income-generating activities that expanded her AIDS work and training to 16 other HIV+ women and nurses in her community. With a newly-gifted computer, she became a local correspondent and used PulseWire to report on the voices and needs of her community. "PulseWire has created hope that I cannot describe," she exclaims. "I have so many dreams, and now, I'm going to do them all."

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I am ready to collaborate and support you in anyway you want Love you well Darling! Olutosin

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:


My sister Ann (God rest her soul) passed on in 2004 of AIDS. Wow - what a life we went through! God bless you for being brave, for leading. I have kept silent, I have never talked about the pain, the agony, the sheer challenge that the two years preceeding her death were for us, for her in particular, and how it affected our family. I live in Juba, South Sudan, and I recently discovered the bus route via Kisumu. Shouldn't be too far from your home. I will come to visit, and salute you in person. God bless you and keep you, and give you the strength and courage to continue with the blessed work that you are engaged in.

And my love to your parents, and all you care for.


Hi Wanjiru,

I am sorry your sister had to pass on from AIDS related complications.It is not easy to live with a killer disease.Many of us live without being sure of tomorrow.Many of us suffer complications everyday.Most of us have limited access to medication,much as we have access to ARVs.Many of us die everyday and leave their families in the same agony your sister left in.Many of us have learned to live a day at a time.

Thank you for cheering me on.I cheer others on too.I give hope by giving a hand,in whichever way i can.I give hope by sharing my story.I give hope by sharing all available resources.But greatest of all now should be prevention.Yes...i talk about it!

Welcome to Migori.It is not far from Kisumu.I look forward to having more rewarding relationships with you to create a change in the world.

My family passes their love to you.

All the best,


ICTs have taken us women at the grassroots and the world a long way.It is the best discovery of the times.

Happy 2009 to you too,Eva.

All the best, Leah.

The work you're doing is wonderful and am so happy for you.Am looking forward to meet you very soon and hope we shall share a lot coz you are a blessing to many.Our prayer to God is to help you achieve your dreams coz through that many people will see the light.

Meeting you this evening was great! Thank for being available and lots of best wishes.I am excited to have met you and i am sure this is the beginning of a journey together!

All the best, Leah.

Leah. The world is there for you to discover.Every new day is a gift for all of us .You are living not just existing. You are the inspiration for many people who may be a bit hesitant to live in total honesty. I like you, have no excuses for being me.

Thank you for all the encouragement.That is why i love PulseWire all the more.We always need each other and somebody is always there to urge me to go.I am looking out to hear more and more of your voice on PulseWire! All the best, Leah.

Dear Leah In every darkness of our life god will provide something to light up. Thank you World pulse team for changing women's lives and leah please keep it up. I admired you. we need to help and change people lives and thought. With Love and regards Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Hi Leah, Your actions are quite elated, sister. Life is what we make of it and no matter our condition we should always strive to carve our own place in the society and make the best of it. You bring hope to many who are naive and think once you are HIV positive that's the end of life or you are considered and outcast.

Please i will like to get more of your experiences to share in my HIV/AIDS column with the Zimbabwean Newspaper. If you will permit i will love to have an exclusive interview with you. If you accept this my friend you can please contact me directly and i will send you the questions for you to answer.

Bravo! keep up the good work and i wish you God's Speed.

Warm Regards

Dear Leah,

I appreciate that how you have dreamt of turning all your dreams into realities throught Pulse Wire. Thanks to the World Pulse that has helped women like you to help other women and ultimately help save lives of many women all around the world.

Good wishes for your work.

With kind regards, Prabi

Peace Prabi

Leah, it's great to read your story. I admire your dogged determination, especially your curiosity in exploring how ICTs could help you. Kudos on all that you have achieved so far. I wish you continued strength and success as you work to educate and give hope to other women with HIV/AIDS.

Kudos also to PulseWire for being an informative and life-changing medium.



very good piece. very inspiring, i would have loved to do this story on my radio station in the local language to help boost the confidence on HIV patients. keep it up girl!!!!!!!