Voices of Our Future 2013 Begins!

Meet the change leaders about to begin their journey as World Pulse Voices of Our Future Correspondents! Over 600 women applied from 101 countries for the fourth year of our citizen journalism and digital empowerment training program. The resilience, determination, intelligence, and passion exhibited by the applicants this year is truly inspirational.
Amidst a phenomenal pool of applicants, 31 women from 27 countries stood out—each one demonstrating exceptional leadership and vision with great potential to drive change. These grassroots women leaders are the voices of our future. Join us in welcoming our newest Correspondents!

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The Program

“Gaining skills in citizen journalism made me more empowered to make my voice heard. I now feel the importance of the role I play by sharing the stories of my country with the whole world through World Pulse.” —Mirette Bahgat, 2012 Voices of Our Future Correspondent, Egypt

Over the next five months, these 31 women will receive training to help them actualize and vocalize their visions for change. They will gain skills in conducting interviews, writing and producing profiles, op-eds, and multimedia packages. They will also learn how to use social media as citizen journalists, streamline their online experience, and use mobile phones to support their social change work.

Get to know these voices. Throughout the coming months they will be bringing first hand news and perspectives from regions as diverse as the United States, Democratic Republic of Congo, and the island nation of the Maldives—while focusing on opportunities to lift their communities.

Journeying Together

“The support that I got from my fellow Correspondent sisters increased my self-confidence a hundred times over…I have become more empowered as a leader.” —Rahel Weldeab, 2012 Voices of Our Future Correspondent, Eritrea

The 2013 Correspondents will navigate the training curriculum with their fellow Correspondents and World Pulse online community members by their sides, and the support of a growing network of Voices of Our Future alumni.

“I became a better writer with help from my Editorial Mentor. Most important was the confidence gained in my ability to communicate on critical issues and embrace my own writer's voice.” —Juliette Maughan, 2012 Voices of Our Future Correspondent, Barbados

To ensure success on this journey, each woman will also be paired with a personal Vision Mentor and Editorial Mentor. This year we considered nearly 150 mentor applications from women from all over the globe. These women are professional life coaches, mentors, journalists, authors, and bloggers. They are generously donating nearly 3,000 hours of their time and expertise to make this program a reality. The lasting relationships forged in the program benefit Correspondents and mentors alike.

“I am proud to say that I am a World Pulse Vision Mentor—it's now on my resume that I am mentoring a young Kurdish woman from Syria. This seems to be my connection, however small, with one of the most agonizing present-day conflicts, and my chance to provide support to someone who is determined to make a positive difference for her people….” —Sarah Whitten-Grigsby, 2012 Vision Mentor

Spirited Partnerships

This program would not be possible without the contribution, entrepreneurial spirit and generosity of our program partners The Global Press Institute, Op-Ed Project, Ellen Wingard, and Frank Smyth. Our entire team extends our deepest appreciation to you!

Topic Leadership
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YES ! the journey starts and it is amazing to be among the 31 chosen applicants for the VOF program. I am filled with gratitude and hope that through this innovative training, my voice will be empowered enough to bring forth the stories that were never told before.

Looking forward to the connections, life long friendships and learning !

Thank you World Pulse for this amazing opportunity. It has instilled in me a new kind of confidence that tells me- yes, I can !

Love to all my fellow sisters.

Mukut Ray

Reading it here, makes this more real. The virtual bonds we are making, the virtual connections - it sometimes have a surreal feel. Every step forward is making our commitment to our communities and our empowerment center-stage. And that itself makes me realize that being among the 31 is a huge responsibility. A responsibility I take with gratitude and commitment.

Good luck to everyone and myself :)

Salaam Aminah