WATCH IT: The Girl Effect

This energetic and inspiring viral video is creating major buzz and is a harbinger of the Girl Revolution!

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How could you post this ridiculous video here? And as a spotlight?! I cannot even begin to name all the things that are severely wrong with this video. I am disappointed, WorldPulse people!

Hi Nadine - Great to hear from you! Name it! What do you see severely wrong with this video. Share your thoughts, we are eager to hear. Let the dialogue begin!

Jensine Larsen World Pulse

Dear Jensine, there is no any video in "Watch it: the Girl Effect". Where is the video? I wanted to see it. Can you please send me a link to this video. I wanted to see that video. Thank you Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Answer: The video that attracts the most critics. Yahooooo I think we are close to calling it one of the greatest videos; that says what the problem focus is, where it is, what we can do about it and where we would be if we did something about it....


Rupha Natarajan

Dear World Pulse friends,

I found the video interesting in it's simplicity. It would be effective as a fund-raising and consciousness raising mechanism for those seeking to further development by focusing on the provision of opportunity to a powerless constituency-the most exploited and the poorest of the poor- the world's girls. To this end, I think the simplicity of the video, words set to compelling music, is effective.

The weakness of the video is also the fact that it is simplistic. The simplistic words are in English and assumes not just that the target audience can read, but that they can read and understand English. Another weakness is the simplicity of the message, which reads like a proverbial fairytale. If addressing poverty and injustice were so simplistic, we could eliminate words and concepts like misogyny, rape, prostitution, and slavery from our languages. Unfortunately, those words and concepts- and many others that undermine humanity- are realities that must be addressed while concurrently imagining and realizing hope and enrichment for girls,women and all the world's poor.

Despite these criticisms, I admire that the video has been made and I will share it with others. I encourage people who have serious critiques of the video to make one that addresses their perspective. We need more focus on addressing the inequities of the world and how we might realize solutions to these inequities.

Sincerely in Peace, Joan Bartos Napa, CA, USA

Wow!!! goose bumps!! I read the comments and I agree that it is simplistic. I believe it was done brilliantly. It sends out a strong message. That is the main goal; to cause us to think on the lines of attacking the problem by starting from one individual. I call it the ripple affect. Like a pebble tossed into a still pond. The article stimulates ideas, possible solutions and most of all a way that all of us can contribute! love it! I plan on sharing it with all my midwife sisters and girlfriends. Melanie