Watch the World Pulse LIVE Slideshow

Relive the magic of one of the defining experiences of the World Pulse community last year. The second annual World Pulse LIVE tour transformed the staff and the audience members who had the honor to hear from the three amazing correspondents in person or via the live web broadcast. We still cheer with Beatrice from Uganda and her mother for fighting the tribal law to keep their land. We stand strong with Martha from Colombia as she speaks out against the degradation of her native land and the destruction brought on by the drug war. We remain impressed by the will power of Sarvina from Cambodia who taught herself English while conversing with her friends in our online community and persuaded families in her province to educate their daughters to save them from human trafficking.

Beatrice, Martha and Sarvina represent the strong and outspoken World Pulse community of more than eleven thousand members from 190 countries. We enthusiastically invite you to share the World Pulse LIVE experience with us. Watch the video recap of our correspondents’ epic nationwide speaking tour and relive the magic!
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