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In the fourth and final writing assignment of the Voices of Our Future training program, this year's correspondents are bringing to light the most pressing, ongoing issues faced by women in their communities—and the creative solutions that are ushering justice back into their lives. Feature stories offer in-depth reporting, analysis, and insight into issues that have personal significance in the lives of our correspondents. Our Correspondents took this opportunity to promote global issues through the eyes of women, providing the political, social, and economic background that readers outside of their communities or countries do not know or understand.

We invite you to read a sampling of the 26 stories produced for this assignment:

This is just a small sample of the top-quality journalism that our Correspondents have produced for the Feature Story assignment. We invite you to read more inspiring and informative stories from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe!

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If jobs and earning opportunities for women becomes a top priority then most of the several women's problems will be resolved in a short span of time. This can be stated with confidence. From: Mr Sanjay Dixit,Mumbai,India

Sanjay R. Dixit