Welcome 2012 Voices of Our Future Correspondents!

“I’m not interested in making a little noise – I’m looking to CHANGE THE PARADIGM!”
Neema, 2011 Voices of Our Future Correspondent, Democratic Republic of Congo

Nearly 600 women from 96 countries applied for the third annual year of Voices of Our Future. From Brazil to Sri Lanka and beyond, they shared harrowing personal stories of overcoming violence and oppression—but most importantly, they shared their solutions and visions for change with a global audience. “I am confident that I am the one who is going to change the Afghan women's world. I am going to write about Afghanistan, Afghan women, Afghan men, Afghan children, and even Afghanistan's nature that will awaken the world to save my country and leave it in peace after decades of war."
Parwana Fayyaz, 2011 Voices of Our Future Correspondent, Afghanistan

Amidst a phenomenal pool of applicants there were 31 women from 30 countries who stood out – each one demonstrating exceptional leadership and vision with great potential to drive change. These grassroots women leaders are the voices of our future—they will lead us toward holistic global solutions that are powered from the ground up.

“I want to tell precious stories so well that people won’t stop talking, won’t stop thinking, until something happens - something big, something great, something absolutely filled with nobility.”
Ruthibelle, 2011 Voices of Our Future Correspondent, Jamaica

Join us in welcoming the 2011 Voices of Our Future Correspondents!

Aliya Bashir | Kashmir amiesisoho | Gambia Celine | Nigeria Chinemu | Zambia Duda | Serbia Nisan | Syria Ikirimat | Uganda JulietteM | Barbados katyrdz | Mexico lymalin | Cambodia Maddy M | Nicaragua MaDube | Zimbabwe malba66 | United States Mirette | Egypt mlpahimon | Thailand Monica Clarke | South Africa nasreenamina | Argentina Neema | Democratic Republic of the Congo noreens | PalestineOkeny-Lucia | Kenya Parwana Fayyaz | Afghanistan Paulina Lawsin | Philippines Rahel Weldeab | Eritrearedsbird | China ruthibelle | JamaicaSahro | Somalia Stella Paul | India treasureland | Nigeria Usha KC | NepalValeria Barbosa de Silva | Brazil zoneziwoh | Cameroon

Visit the Voices of Our Future Program Page to read the Correspondents' full bios.


“Knowledge is power, a knowledgeable woman is an empowered woman.”
Celine, 2011 Voices of Our Future Correspondent, Nigeria

Over the next five and a half months, these women will receive training in new media and citizen journalism to help them actualize and vocalize their visions for change. They will learn how to conduct interviews and write profiles, feature stories and op-eds. They will also learn how to use Twitter and Facebook as citizen journalists, streamline their online experience, and use mobile phones to support their social change work. This year, we’ve added digital storytelling to our curriculum. Watch out for the groundbreaking videos and photo-slideshows this spring!


“I have found comfort, a family in world pulse, who is ready to listen, to share, to guide me in my voyage in achieving the my dream.”
Ikirimat, 2011 Voices of Our Future Correspondent, Uganda

To ensure success on this journey, each woman will be paired with a personal Vision Mentor and Editorial Midwife. These professional women are life coaches, mentors, journalists, authors and bloggers. They are generously donating nearly 3,000 hours of their time and expertise to make this program a reality.


“Life is a gift. A fulfilled life is an achievement. A woman achieving her dreams is a butterfly who learned how to fly in the storm.”
Nasreenamina, 2011 Voices of Our Future Correspondent, Argentina

This program would not be possible without the contribution, entrepreneurial sprirt and generosity of our program partners The Global Press Institute, Op-Ed Project, Sehrish Shaban, Ellen Wingard and Frank Smyth. From our entire team, a heartfelt thank you!


Wow i feel like i am celebrating my life along with other beautiful women around the world. Celebrating what i have, celebrating what i gave and celebrating women's voices!

Welcome all of you to your and our world! Welcome to this life changing journey all of you!

Give me five :)


Nilima from Nepal

the endeavors are magnificent and the commitment just wonderful. am challenged.Love all u women-my sisters

Will definately write, you are right, Paulina

keep on keeping on High five Nilima!

Nyasha from Zimbabwe

Nyasha M. Chidau-Women Political participation and leadership Specialist

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The integration of girls and women's voices from all across the world has to be done as a managerial process - planning, organizing, directing and controlling till every human female can express her voice and belong to a common global community of girls and women.

Please then take care of your boys and men also. Do not neglect them. Mr Sanjay Dixit,Mumbai,India

Sanjay R. Dixit