Women's Voices Unite for Change in Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo was recently dubbed 'a never-ending nightmare' by the New York Times, but over 200 Congolese grassroots women leaders—self-identified as the Maman Shujaa, or 'Hero Women'—have emerged from the shadows to organize a movement denouncing violence and demanding peace. They have utilized our platform to request a voice in the decisions that affect their lives, and the world is taking notice.

As the 20th African Union Summit kicks off this week, with Hero Women Neema Namadamu and Jeanette Ruhebuza taking their seats at the summit table, we invite you to experience their journey, grasp their vision, and meet the new faces of Congo.


Maman Shujaa are calling on you and women leaders at the White House—to take immediate action in solidarity with the women of the Congo.
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Listening to the Voices of Congo's Women

From a homegrown Internet café in Eastern DRC, 200 Congolese women leaders have come online for the first time. Meet six of these courageous survivors who each bring strong recommendations for moving DRC toward peace.

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Signaling Change in DRC: Survey Shows Women Ready to Lead

World Pulse polled 1000 women in DRC via text message to learn about the challenges and opportunities for women's leadership. Here's what they had to say.

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African Union Summit Statement

Right now, Maman Shujaa representatives Neema Namadamu and Jeanette Ruhebuza are in Addis Ababa taking their seats at the 20th African Union Summit. They are delivering a statement to world leaders, along with over 100 testimonies from women on the ground.

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VIDEO: Women Witness Congo

World Pulse partner Alliance for the Earth traveled to DRC to connect directly with the Maman Shujaa. In this video, you can witness first hand women's rising leadership and their compelling visions for change.

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Video Dispatches

In collaboration with Uhaki News, World Pulse produced eight videos from Congolese women journalists featuring women changemakers who are combating gender violence.

Grassroots leader
Martine Kalisa

Justice for Survivors of Violence

Women's Health Center in Goma

Action Center for Child Mothers

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World Pulse has provided the much desire and required platform for women to all round the world to express their voice on matters concerning women's issues. Today World Pulse stands like a pillar of strength for the women of the strife and anarchy ridden Congo where rape and abuse is the order of the day to unite as a single force to combat injustice, violence and crimes.

The World says thanks to World Pulse!!!

With Best Regards, Mr Sanjay Dixit Mumbai,India

Sanjay R. Dixit

All I can say is that am glad I founf World Pulse on FUNDS FOR NGO'S, I really hope this will help me communicate my cause to the World too.

I believe that as we benefit from it, we will make every effort to drive change more.

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There is hope rising in the DR CONGO...as small as it might seem to the world, i see it as big as a million stars, thank you VOC! let the awareness rises as a big thunder. Somehow, somewhere in my heart, i know Congo is changing and one day women will be proud to be called ''congolese women'' again!