World Pulse to Channel Women's Voices to Influential Forums

Over the years, World Pulse has witnessed the leadership and strength of our community of grassroots leaders grow. Women across the world—from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe—have vocalized their readiness to bring forward solutions and represent their communities in both international media coverage and at the highest levels of decision-making. We know that grassroots women leaders hold the key to solutions for transforming their communities. Yet, grassroots women’s voices are continually excluded at the negotiating and drafting tables where policies are made.

Over the past two years World Pulse has organized small-scale campaigns, partnering with advocacy organizations like the Gender Equality Architecture Reform Campaign (GEAR), Access Now, the Women's Environment & Development Organization (WEDO), and Women Thrive Worldwide, to facilitate opportunities for our community to advise the new UN Women agency on its strategy, Silicon Valley executives on increasing women’s access to the Internet, and world leaders at the Rio+20 ‘Earth Summit’ on ensuring gender inclusive outcomes.

These campaigns have produced two primary benefits:

  • Increased effectiveness for advocacy work reported by our partners who have enriched their quantitative data with the powerful narrative from our community of grassroots women leaders. Our campaigns have motivated UN leaders to visit refugee camps and send out urgent alerts, drawn the attention of media, politicians and celebrities, and helped move forward important legislation and policies.
  • Increased individual empowerment through new opportunities for grassroots women to be heard at global forums and represent their communities as vocal leaders. Women who participate frequently report newfound self-confidence and leadership, as well as new relationships, opportunities, and mentors through interacting with the online community and World Pulse partners. They also gain social media skills and broadened knowledge of the issue through the content generated by the campaign.

This year World Pulse is making digital action campaigns an important strategic priority. We are excited to announce that on Thursday, September 6, we will transition our Action Center to a hub for these campaigns and launch a new digital action campaign on ending violence against women.

Stayed tuned to find out how you can get involved and have your testimony, solutions, and visions channeled to the halls of power.

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truly salute the World Pulse guys for bringing into forefront the issues that matter the most. we are all excited and looking forward to this new campaign of yours. May the good work always continue.

Mukut Ray

Through World Pulse, my voice is being heard globally. Lives and attitudes are changing. The myths and barriers between Africa and the developed worlds is changing because through the power of voicing and digital connections, our 9months old project allows everyone to come experience for themselves. Thanks to World Pulse for channeling my voice as well as other global voices.

I believe everybody has the potential to live a better life. Given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation ANYONE can become someone admirable. Nobody is a NOBODY, everybody is SOMEBODY.

I am so proud of the work you are doing. Keep up the great work and i look forward to visiting your community to be a part of what you are doing. I celebrate you today and always. Twitter@madpositive1 Sharing my gift and changing the person at a time is what I do daily

It has been a pleasure to be a part of the World Pulse platform for a number of years now. Indeed observing the "Increased effectiveness for gender focused advocacy work" by helping to motivate and "Increase individual empowerment" has brought new opportunities into reality for many, one step at a time.

It is equally pleasing to note how the building of networks seems to be speeding up the pace of progress. However, for me, it is important to begin to focus on those areas where the speed of progress might need additional boost in efforts.

The new UN High Level Panel seeking to build consensus for post-2015 actions (see my recent post) may be one place to target...

I think that the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) should be involved for the purpose of addressing and redressing women's issues. The international legal system needs to be roped in for suitable legislation and implementation. Mr Sanjay Dixit,Mumbai,India

Sanjay R. Dixit