World Pulse is Heading to East Africa—And You’re Invited!

Join hands with the women of Kenya and Rwanda for an adventure of a lifetime!

There are a limited number spots available on the February 2011 World Pulse Journey: The Heartbeat of East Africa. This journey will take us through two countries on the brink of renewal and change—World Pulse style. Expect beauty, transformation, and soul-stirring connections with some of the most inspiring voices in the region. We will hear from political leaders and parliamentarians. We will visit sites of local change, with grassroots women leaders as our guides. We will meet activists who are grappling with the issues of HIV/AIDS, poverty, water access, and education. We will explore breathtaking nature reserves, admire local crafts, and celebrate our new friendships and world-changing alliances.

Dates of travel are January 31st - February 10th, 2011 — with an optional three-day extension in Rwanda. The group is limited to 15 guests and seats will fill quickly, so register today!

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im so interested to be part of the group going to east Africa too..please give me the details,should i know the details early before the due date for travel.

Miriam Daoga

thank you for the replay i have sent an additional reply for registration stating that i dont have enough fundings to cater for the travel expenses..


Hi Pulse Members,

Am so excited to hear you are coming to Kenya. Karibuni Sana (you are highly welcomed).

Will you start with Kenya then to Rwanda? I would like to visit Rwanda. Please give me the details.

JAMBO...... am so happy you are coming to kenya, what a blessing......... You are most welcomed. Karibuni kenya hakuna matata. Make sure you visit, mombasa the best place to be in kenya. Very lovely. God bless you as you prepare to come. I wish to have a chance and participate. Insoliderity, lets continue to raise our voices until we are heard.


Our program works in all slums in areas of HIV prevention-care and support with the ministry of health. An added program is now in Kibera, working with 50 schools and 16 community based organizations in interepersonal communication and mass media, in sexual and gender based violence.

So, I am interested to be part of the Kenya slum visit only.

Above all, welcome to Kenya and get ready to be revitalized by the people, sunrise and sunset.



i have always love and dream to be in kenya. i think i will consider being part of this visit.


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

I wish everyone who partakes in this journey in any form much love and a grand experience. To the women on that side of the world- I send all my love and powerful sister-vibes to you!!



Kenya is one of the best countries in Africa, you will learn a lot. Please visit my home place in Meru you will get to see the work of the people in the grass root.

Thanks a lot and always feel welcomed

Wow! This is good news! Karibuni sana East Africa and Kenya in particular.Welcome to our organization! Children of AfricaHope Mission is one spot you will love to have a stop over

Anne Khadudu Baraza, CEO- Riruta United Women Empowerment Programme +254 729880651/ 020 2602803 !27-00502 Karen, Nairobi Kenya

Wow! welcome to East Africa. When are you coming to the Pearl of Africa? We are eagerly waiting. Tujja kusanyuka okubaniliza. We will be glad to welcome you.

Loyce, Isis Women's International Cross Cultural Exchange(Isis-WICCE) Uganda

Follow me on twitter:@livelyloyceMy


You are most Welcome to Kenya. Since we started Communicating on-line, TIME has now come... I am anxiously waiting for you. Hoping to see you "FACE TO FACE ".

I hope nothing will change and i will be part of THE WORLD PULSE Team.

My Community will be able to have hope in their lives as you visit them.



TERESA KAGECHA i would like to use the new password and email to participate in the WORLDPULSE VIEWS - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION MOBILISING

If there are mailing lists for future or similar trips, I would be interested in being a part. I was not able to make these dates but, as a female ethnomusicologist, interested in womens' music and musical creativity in North and West Africa, I want to stay up to date with World Pulse projects as well. Thanks!

Welcome to Kenya - Karibu sana!! It will be a trip that transforms, inspires and challenges. Raising our voices together, we will shake and move the foundations of all those things that hinder women from being heard!!

Thank you for taking the time to come. May your visit open new and build relationships that last forever, and transform lives for the best, always.


Dr. Karambu Ringera Founder and President, International Peace Initiatives Vice President, Global Ecovillages Network (GEN) Africa Advisory Board Member, Women Human Rights Institute, University of Toronto Member and Delegate, Soroptimist Internationa

Waoo... World pulse is so real! Waa.. Such an inspiring team..I account myself lucky for being part of this amazing group. We had time to share with world pulse team some who I never thought I will ever meet in life.. Meeting Janice has added fire in my life! I can do it, I told myself. If such a young girl can do it, what about me ..I kept on challenging myself during the meeting. I thank the team that they have come at the beginning of the year when we are talking of the goals/actions of the year..I have already added this as my action this year, to talk to as many women about World Pulse through our Magazine THE WOMANS HOPE. ( Ladies we hold hands and shake mountains.

Love you World Pulse Team!


Consolata, I smile when I think of you all together, laughing and sharing your WP experiences. What a journey it has been for us all and I feel so blessed for having so many beautiful sisters in my global family. Jensine's vision has brought us so much joy, hope and empowerment, and I look forward to hearing more stories of successful connections and abundant growth. I send you all my love and can't wait to hear all about the WP gathering. Salamu za upendo, dada! Janice

Janice, I am so happy to read your post.. How I wish you were part of the team.. You were dearly mised. I pray one day we will also have a great opportunity I thank Almghty for giving us a chance to interract face to face with the World Pulse team.. Should have seen us.., smiles all through the session. Parting each other was like a bad dream.. We had to do it with a heavy heart. Meeting Jensine was my best moment of the year..! She has left fire burning in my heart.. I will do it..! Make a difference to the women who requires my attention.

Upendo, Consolata

I was reading about the MOREMI INITIATIVE FOR WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP IN AFRICA this morning, which brought to mind World Pulse trip to East Africa. I am clearly looking to read some accounts from the team that traveled on this platform.

My memories are vivid from my past travels in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan. Being able to help people help themselves to achieve better lives clearly requires exceptional young leaders who are committed to tackle issues affecting communities and societies.

I'm looking forward to reading about the places that were visited during the World Pulse team travels. It will be exciting to here about current conditions, success stories and how grassroots level initiatives are being supported by the political leadership of the countries you are visiting...

The Moremi Initiative is all about Engaging, Inspiring and Equipping African Women Leaders. The application deadline is Wednesday Mar 30, 2011 for this current application cycle.

Right from what i have persived in me personally, when i read the above comments everyone is exited i wish the pulse too could come to uganda.

I like the ideas issued by the pulse women Thanks for those messages and be blessed