World Pulse Receives EILEEN FISHER Activating Leadership Grant

EILEEN FISHER, the women's clothing retailer, has announced the recipients of their Activating Leadership Grants. For 2012, the program, now in its third year, focused on Leading for Impact. World Pulse is honored to be recognized as one of fifteen nonprofits selected by the brand to receive a grant from more than 200 applications. “By leading for impact, these women and girls are finding their voices, taking charge of their lives and changing their communities,” says Reisa Brafman, EILEEN FISHER Social Consciousness Leader of Community Partnerships & Women’s Initiatives. “They’re offering new solutions and helping to create systemic change, across the country and around the globe. Our grant committee is truly inspired by their work.”

Designer Eileen Fisher strongly believes each of us has the ability to lead—in our personal lives, in the workplace, and in our communities. The Activating Leadership Grant program acknowledges that there are many ways to lead, many styles of leadership, and many kinds of effective leaders. It seeks out innovative programs that encourage women and girls to find their voices, and empowers them to make tangible changes in their personal lives, their homes, and their communities.

For World Pulse, this grant is an incredible opportunity to unite our community of grassroots leaders and raise the volume of their collective voices. The grant is supporting the launch of our next digital action campaign, with the theme of Girls’ Access to Education and Its Impact. Young women speak of many barriers they confront when seeking education: lack of financing, lack of role models and mentors, restrictive cultural roles, and discouraging peer pressure. They are demanding equal opportunities in accessing education and they are voicing solutions to create impact for their family, community and society at large. Anyone can participate in this campaign, which spotlights the messages of young women and girls as change leaders today. Stay tuned for the campaign launch on March 28.

Join us in a Twitter chat March 12 9:30am PT to learn more about our programs and meet the other grantees! Follow us on Twitter and join the conversation using #EFCSRChat

As a socially conscious company, EILEEN FISHER is dedicated to supporting women through clothing that create confidence and through initiatives that address well-being. The company is a leader in both human rights and sustainability. The EILEEN FISHER Activating Leadership Grant Program was established in 2010. Since then, 33 grants have been awarded to groups selected by a dedicated in-house committee, representing teams across the company. For more information about the program, visit

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I am so THRILLED! WP deserves this honor and recognition for sure. The small-but-mighty staff does such a phenomenal job with their resources. Most importantly, the connections this organization has are broad and high. WP sees the potential of individual women and the power of women connecting with others (and men, too, who have been a part of this work), making an unstoppable force! Yay you, yay us!

Let us Hope together- Michelle aka: Cali gal Listener Sister-Mentor @CaliGalMichelle Tweets by @CaliGalMich

Well deserved. Congratulations



Wendy Stebbins Founder/CEO I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.

well deserved. Congratulations This is going to mean so much to the girls out their needing an avenue for an education. I am sure the campaign is going to be successful with all the hard work World Pulse puts in.

wishing you all the best.


I would also need help to complete a project for vulnerable women/girls and senior women citizens in Calcutta,INDIA.We intend having a Hospital with remote access and telemedicine as well to go into India's most remote regions and peripherals.I am applying to many funding sources including the "Anita Borg Institute" (United States) AND "Systers" (US).

Please write to Dr.Aaron and Dr.Deborah Rose-Milavec,Joint VIce Presidents,Catherine of Siena Virtual College,OHIO on either

Please go their website.Both Aaron and Deborah are like parents to me.Please consider talking to them.This is only an earnest plea.Aaron has recently spoken to me from Bangalore,INDIA before returning to the US.Deborah and I have spoken before when I was appointed an Ambassador in India.

Please consider the following circumstances:women and girls are especially vulnerable.When they go out for relieving in the open (we are a poor and unsafe country with plenty of hypocrisy),they get raped or molested.New Delhi has become the rape capital of the world.India is extremely unsafe for all women,especially foreign tourists.

Please send me your E-Mail Address and I shall send my 1st assignment:In brief,

"A Tribute to Nirbhaya:Shock To A Nation" published by News Digest International,Torrance,CA.

Nirbhaya was a brave 23 year-old who was gang raped in a moving bus and eventually lost her life in a Singapore Hospital."She wanted to live" to bring justice to her seven brutal perpetrators,one of whom has already hanged himself under public pressure.There was widespread outrage in New Delhi over the incident but like every other story,the issue though foremost on the cold wintry night on 23rd December (when she breathed her last) has again been forgotten because unlike me,most women in high places are not bothered.They have vehicles to escort them and the vulnerable ones are the poor and middle class women/girls and boy children (sodomized often) who have no option but to travel by public transport.There is nudity,fine but why is Western culture blamed for everything we do?

Karl Marx,Gandhi,Tagore and other eternal luminaries would be ashamed of this.Gandhi has lost his relevance today.

Such cases are very common in India because of a flawed legal system and the culture and milieu in which we live.The big bureaucrats,businesses and politicians have money in Swiss Banks and the press has been silenced.Please help the media in India.Every global voice matters.What must be done must be done.Never before has the media remained silent.Please do not quote me but please get matters before the global media like BBC,CNN,The Telegraph (London),The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times.I do not wish to risk any trouble at the moment.Once the GLOBAL (not Indian) Media gets involved,and the Indian media have responded well,such issues as inequality (gender,linguistic and social and spatial),I have received a mail from both the global print and electronic media,we shall consider re-opening Freedom of the Press!

I only wish we could go in for social reform and restorative justice.There is no question of forgiving a rape perpetrator,and one of them was pardoned as a juvenile.Forgiveness is an art,But she lost her life sustaining multiple injuries.She was a fighter.

May her soul rest in peace!

Nilanjana Sanyal

Hello Nilanjana,

If I am reading your article correctly, I applaud what you are doing and aspiring to do on a larger scale. I am a little confused however. Here is my email address so you can explain perhaps the basics and ask for what you want us to do.


Thank you.



Wendy Stebbins Founder/CEO I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.