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Education to Me

As a prisoner in Plato’s allegorical cave This education of my dreams  Not merely as the daylight path

Awa,Unadorned Source

As I am trying every day to drink the amount of water my body needs, I’m also realizing how important it is for us.


Hello everyone, i am so happy to be here, connecting with talented and fun persons, , i look forward to learning from u all and to meet you all soo


Leadership Group

Whether you are a seasoned or aspiring leader or have recently taken on a leadership role at work or in your community, the Leadership group is a supportive environment where you can celebrate your successes and build your leadership skills.

Economic Empowerment Group

Our Economic Empowerment group is a diverse community of women helping each other realize their economic potential. Share your story and access resources here!

World Pulse Volunteer Group

Welcome World Pulse volunteers! This group is a hub for everything you need to be successful in your role with World Pulse. Whether you are new to our Community Leadership Program or know it well, the Volunteer group is a supportive environment where you can network with fellow volunteers, be in touch with World Pulse staff, ask questions, share ideas and experiences, and stay up-to-date on new resources and trainings.