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We are excited to welcome you to the World Pulse Online Community, an inviting and vibrant global network connecting women and allies to transform our world.

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We believe that when women are heard and connected they will transform the world for the better.

Join World Pulse to share your own stories, dreams, and social change solutions; access, request, or offer needed resources; share information about events; collaborate with others doing similar work; and build movements to accelerate your impact for the world. Please join us!

Truth is, we've all got something we can give to better our world; we only need to look inward to discover it and then take action.

Olanike Olugboji (Greengirl)
Our Community Values

World Pulse aims to provide a supportive, safe, and nurturing space that fosters dialogue and helpful connections across borders; where we can speak for ourselves and access the information and resources we need to transform our lives and our communities.

Members of our online community help create and maintain this unique space by upholding the following values:

Voice, Respect, Generosity, Innovation, Connection, Courage, Solutions, and Accountability

Your Safety and Security Matters

Raising your voice about issues important to you is vital. However, writing about politically-charged issues or asking tough questions can also put you at risk for intimidation, surveillance, or physical violence.

Please refer to our Staying Safe Onlinefor information and resources to help you take steps to protect your safety, without compromising your bold voice.

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You can access our Frequently Asked Questions here. Ifyou don't find what you're looking for on this page, please contact us.

Our voices are electric. Our wisdom is profound. Our time is now. By connecting in the World Pulse Online Community we can transform our world.