• Stages of my Digital Action Campaign

Economically empower women through business mentorships with me! Myorganization, MENTA, relies on the support of the global community to offer programs.  

Here are a few ways you can get involved!

  • If you are an established entrepreneur or business woman and would like to contribute content for our online programs, or if you would like to become a mentor, please send me a private message on World Pulse.
  • If you live in the Guatemala City area, there are opportunities to volunteer locally in our programs. Please send me a private message to learn more.
  • I also welcome your donations to help cover programs expenses and allow even more women to participate in the trainings. Donate here.
  • Finally, if you’d like to stay in touch and keep up with everything happening at MENTA, please follow us on the MENTA Facebook page.

How to Get Involved

I need ideas for a mentoring program, leave your ideas in this post. Also follow me on facebook


PDF icon Detailed version of my Digital Action Campaign


Hello Mercedes,

your campaign plan look so interesting and you knew exactly what you want to do. I wish you all the best 


Dear Mercedes, 

I really like the idea of mentoring workshops, it's so great! You planned it in a way that allows this workshop to be ongoing processes!  Besides, I believe that providing role models is really important, because this will show that the change is possible. Keep my fingers crossed for you and your campaign!

Best, Joanna

Mercedes, i love it. all of it. what a masterful plan. ya fattah to you, which means may your path be free of obstacles!!!!!

Rahmana Karuna, Dance leader for DancesofUniversalPeace, Nurse Practitioner Midwife evolved to Spiritual Midwife, Arvigo Therapy, Walking the Sufi path of Hazrat Inayat Kahn lineage, a path of the heart

Mercedes, love your very detailed action plan! I have been a mentor, and a mentee, for many years. I sent you a private message, I'd love to connect about mentorship, World Pulse, and life!

Jamie, you are such a great mentor. You helped me build this action plan and now I have a better understanding of my vision for Menta. I will always be thankful to you!!!  

Love,  Mercedes  

Dear Mercedes,

What an important project, and what courage you have standing up to the degree of machismo that exists in your country. It has been exciting to read this past year about how many women in South America are coming forward to create this change. I hope you feel surrounded by women in your country, and by us WorldPulse sisters.

In sisterhood,


Thank you dear Tam! I feel very blessed because I found World Pulse and incredible women, who like me, believe in a better world, where all women thrive. So lets change the world together :D  Thanks for your support :D