I am on a mission to narrow the Gender Tech Divide
I am on a mission to narrow the Gender Tech Divide: Breaking stereotypes about STEM education for girls by teaching them basic programming and digital skills early on with the assistance of mentors to guide our girls: #STEM4Girls #Mentors4Change
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I invite individuals, organizations and companies to digitally empower girls in STEM with me.

Here are a few of the ways you can support:

Help me train 1,000 girls in one year! Donate to my fundraiser to set up a multimedia digital empowerment center. 

This center will be a STEM workshop and maker space called TECH UNIVERSE and it will expose girls to all the STEM fields. Please click here to donate!

Donate equipment, training material, furniture, or office space! Contact me on World Pulse or at sophie@cyeed.net if you’d like to make an in-kind donation. We are especially in need of the following:

  • 30 laptops and accessories
  • 15 tables
  • 50 chairs
  • 1 projector with screen
  • 1 white board with pens
  • 1 printer
  • 1 photocopier
  • STEM textbooks
  • Lab experiment kits and workshop tools
  • Internet connection for 2 years

Mentor or train girls, or refer girls to our programs! Contact me on World Pulse or at sophie@cyeed.net.

Partner or collaborate! Contact me on World Pulse or at Sophie@cyeed.net.

Invite girls for exchange programs! Please contact me on World Pulse or at sophie@cyeed.net if you’d like to invite our girls to participate as exchange students in your program.

Spread the Word! Visit my website http://www.cyeed.net and tell others about what I do! Please share this campaign with your friends, family members and social networks.

We count on you, small drops make an ocean!

How to Get Involved

Follow us on Face book and share our posts https://www.facebook.com/Center-for-Youth-Education-And-Economic-Develop...

You can donate the following:

Equipment: 30 laptops and accessories, 15 tables,50 chairs, 1 projector and screen, white board and pen, 1 printer, 1 photocopier, internet connection for 1 year,1 flip chart stand and papers.

Training material: training curriculum, software programs, free on line tools, pens, bold markers, white board and pen, note books, handouts and fact sheets.

Tweet #STEM4Girls and #Mentors4Change

Share our DAC video and invite others to share.

Tell your family and friends to Bring a Girl to STEM day events.

You can be a mentor for our girls.

E mail us at cyeedngo@yahoo.com or Sophie@cyeed.net

Visit our website http://www.cyeed.net/index.html and tell others about what we do.



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I am really excited about your digital action campaign, because it will give access to great opportunities for a lot of girls in your community.  Keep the good work :D


Dear Safyty, Thanks for encouraging me.The  first part already started, please read my latest post. Really i do not envision any major challenge. the girls are already getting very excited to jion future STEM programs.Thanks

Sophie Ngassa

Founder & Director at CYEED


Dear Restor, Thanks a lot for you encouraging words. 

My motivation in life is my personal experience that gives me the strong urge to share my passion for STEM and make girls and young women explore their talents to their fullest potentials. 

Sophie Ngassa

Founder & Director at CYEED


Congratulations Sophie... You make me proud!

Emily Miki

Founder/CEO, Denis Miki Foundation

Mandela Washington Fellow 2017

World Pulse VOF Leader

Runner Up Queen Young Leader 2017

Associate Fellow of The Royal Commonwealth Society

Wow Sophie, this is so inspirational. I have interest in the tech world too, but have no formal education on the subject. I am slowly trying to teach myself coding and programming. My dream is to also train under privileged South African students how to code and expose them to the STEM field. I am busy researching for a mentor and a company where I can volunteer so I can learn more. Please keep motivating us and being an inspiration. 

Hello there!

love Sophie ma'am,

 I really have no words ma'am, what I say ?? really really ma'am your struggles for women and girls are appreciated :) I love to join in. I also want to be the part of it. I hope that I can learn many new things from you I love your thoughts.But how can I join you ?? I want to learn as your student.

"If you think you can you will, If you think you can not you will never"