On may 3rd, I attended EDINBA, a college specialized in design in Mexico to talk to 7 seven students of the Masters in Creative Design about World Pulse, about the importance of sorority between us women and how to take care of themselves.  They were a variate group of women, different ages, different backgrounds, I asked them to introduce themselves and tell me one thing that they hoped to learn today, they all answered the same thing: “About some sort of social network for women?”, I introduced myself and explained to them that they were helping me by being here to end my training in how to use technology and digital skills to change our environment and do some good for other women.  They were very participative, very open but mostly they were surprised that a platform like World Pulse existed, so I’m hoping that they will sign up and be a part of this sorority of women. I also explained to them the exercise of “Take ten”, they are very busy women, who work and study their masters, one of them was pregnant and she said that this exercise was going to help her so much in knowing that she has to be okay for her and for her baby. The experience was really rewarding and at the end I asked them that we came up with a small poem, and this was the result: I am a woman

A designer

I want to change the world for me and for other women

I’m designing my dreams

And working to make them a reality.


Dear Katia,

It's been inspiring watching you journey through the ADC training and great job on this last assignment.  I love the ending poem, and I'm so curious to what kind of world these women mastering in creative design envision for themselves and other women.  I hope they join World Pulse and we can discover it! 



Dear Katia,

What a wonderful story and the poem shows that as women we are always designing something to bring it to life. May these women design their dreams and bring them to life to touch the lives of others and to bring about positive change. Keep doing what you are doing, keep using your voice to make a difference.

Sherna Alexander Benjamin

"Whenever the human rights of one is violated the human rights of all are in jeopardy." - Sherna Alexander Benjamin

Hi Katia, that was a wonderful  work, all hand must be on deck to spread the gospel of collaboration and speaking out which WORLDPULSE stand for. Your poem really depict the creativity in every woman's life.



Jane Kalu.