Bringing A Change In My Parents Villages


I was born in the capital of Ethiopia. Addis is also a capital of Africa. As we live in the city which is a home for AU, UN for Africa, Economic Commision for Africa, …etc.

The internet in this city is terrible. We are having a rainy days last week and now, network is a problem in the area I’m staying. Some big organizations have bought their own fast internet and use it as much as they want. When mobile Internet was blocked around Addis Ababa and some surrounding city, the people in other sities were enjoying it the fullest.

I don’t know anything at my father’s village, it’s 800 kilo meters away from my city. But my Mom’s mother (my grandmother’s place) is very close and I went there so many times. It’s around 50 km away from us. They got  or bought electricity the other day. But, it’s on and off. The day I visited there with WP Ambassador and African lead, the power was not there.

I saw two mobile phones on two girl’s hands from the crowd. They only use to call their relatives in Addis Ababa and recieve calls from abroad. Their knowledge about digital tools is very little.  I want to introduce the village girls and women with the technology.

Women in the village do farming, taking care of the family, bringing up children while they struggle with life. There is no one who is paying awesomely for his family like the village women. Preparing fire wood, fetching water, milking the cow, cooking for the family, making cheese and butter, selling it in the market, earning little money to buy salt, kerosene for light and cooking oil. The man go to farm, and he do it with the help of his wife. He sit and eat, and attend some special event as a respected person. His wife, who carry the 90 % of the work load is kept in the house. She is too small to be invited to…

I want to change this from the city to the village. All Ethiopian women are doing all the house chores in the cities or in the village. If she is a doctor, professor or a minister, she’s the maid in her house. May be there are exceptional, they count to 0.00000001 % of the population.

I start a group IT”S POSSIBLE on my FB. I ‘ll be writing blogs that will change the young generation. We grew up with teachers who told us we can do only limited things. But the books thought me, I CAN BE A WOMAN I WANT TO BE. I’m close to my goals, I want to change many youth’s lives.

My hand made leather production “ MULITTI”S” hired 7 women , I want to hire more women to work for me from wherever they are. I’ve hired to women already next to my office. She produced for me a hand embroidered material from recycle plastic tread. I finished it with leather flap, strap and more decorations. I have never sold one yet, to avoid copy cats. Once I hit the market, they can do what they want. This bag can be made easily. I sent the threads to many women and I’ve one lady to collect and deliver it to my office.

I will use social medias, radio and TV programs to speak openly. I was invited by three radio channels before, some invitations from TV programe, I rejected before. I will use those invitations to change women's lives. 

I have heard that, the people in my Dad's village are very civilized and active with very open minds. I will go and introduce the new tools which I learn about them recently.

I’m planning to promote as many women as I can.



How to Get Involved

By supporting the cause in offering whatever skill, gift, have


You are taking positive steps forward to make changes and empower the woman in your community through employment.  Mobiles open up a whole new world as well they are more than just for making calls and through these, girls can learn more about what they can achieve.  You go girl!

Lucy Dear,

thank you for taking time to read my story. Last week, I sat and wrote you but the internet refused to send....

I'm here again to thank you.



Mulatwa Mosisa

Hello dear this is a step to the right direction because it will go a long way to change the lives of these women. I say this because giving them an opportunity to access technology as well as master digital skills will mean global exposure to them which gives them an opportunity to effect change even when doing the chores society has "blessed" them with.

There is a part in your campaign that i don't understand how it will affect this women directly mindful of the fact that internet is a problem as well as power supply "I start a group IT”S POSSIBLE on my FB. I ‘ll be writing blogs that will change the young generation".Secondly I wish to appreciate your plan on using Radio and TV programmes to carry out this campaign. I wish to suggests that you add the use of music and short videos to buttress your point. I am waiting for updates on your journey for change. BEST OF LUCK

In sisterhood

Sally Maforchi Mboumien

Founder/Coordinator COMAGEND Cameroon

Facebook Page:

LinkedIn ID: Sally Maforchi Mboumien

Advanced Digital Changemaker 2017

Hi Dear,

Thank you for your time dear. I had been sending, and resending my reply...I left the cyber cafe when i made sure it was not working. 

Thank God I got a chance, I feel broken ankle...a lot of problems to takle...I'll live my dream and make sure the youth will be reached by WP.

THank you


Mulatwa Mosisa

Hello  dear,

Your action steps are great. Well-done. However,  how do you  intend to use  social media since there is a constraint of electricity and internet. 

I will be excited to read your progress report. Great job despite all. Thanks for deciding to be a voice for other women.

Grace, How are you? I have a friend from Camerron, lives in Abuja, she was the best of all.


Thank you for reading and your encouragement.


Mulatwa Mosisa

Hi Mulatwa! I was so touched and moved by your story. What a strong woman you are! I hope you will continue on with your plans. No matter how tough things get or what challenges you encounter, you must continue to stay the course. Other women and girls in your community need you!

hey Darling,

Thank you for your comment and encouragement. If you've a vision, there's always provision.

My God is the great provider, Our lives are a MIRACLE or a TESTIMONY.

We'll be there soon.


thank you 


Mulatwa Mosisa

A group of women leaders within our technically company reviewed your article together.  A few things that we noted in response was that studies have shown that even the overwhelming majority of women worldwide still manage most of the housework.  We feel that this speaks to our strength and ability to multi-task - which is extremely valuable!  We recognize that despite difficult conditions that you have such a powerful energy to push forward for change and to improve yourself and the lives around you.  Having known other Ethiopian colleagues and their genuine warmth we recognized that in you.  This is amazing!  Looking to make realistic steps forward are wonderful goals. 


THis is such a great news to me. A group of....reviewed my story. Thank God.

The whole continent( AFRICA), I can dare to say...99.9% of women are a maid, a cook, a nanny, dish washer, cleaner,...etc. She can be a doctor, a mega business owner, a professor, ...they do the house chores when they get back from office.

Next to my friend's house, A DOctor, works for UN, she parks her expensive car with a UN plate number, she grab a wood, and grind maize, or some cook her traditional food for her family. 

African Woman, is just like that.

I don't know about other continent,...I lived in Asia, North Africa and East's all same.

Thank you once again for your time to read my story.


Mulatwa Mosisa

Bonjour lily, vraiment courage pour cette formation que tu apporte aux femmes.

Parceque beaucoup de femmes aime les arts de qualite comme cela  sur tout les filles qui n'ont pas a faire comme activité,aui n'étudie plus.