Digital Changemaking 101

Welcome to Digital Changemaking 101 Training: How to Use the Internet to Change your Life!

You are about to join women in your local community and around the world to strengthen your leadership and digital skills.This training is just the beginning of your online leadership journey with World Pulse!

Goals for the Training:

  • Tap into the power of the internet to tell your story to a global audience
  • Build connections with a network of online supporters
  • Develop a vision for how you can better your community

About Digital Changemaking 101 Training:


  • Our introductory training is a self-led training course.By completing the training you will be part of a group of changemakers from around the world and you will be taking the first step towards growing your social network of leaders and changemakers!


  • World Pulse believes that change is not happening fast enough in our communities, and we see that our heart of the movement is online. Digital technology is all around us and has tremendous power if you know how to use it. This introductory training starts breaking down barries to access the immense resourcesfound through the internet. We want to create aworld where all women thrive one click, one comment, one connection at a time; and you are about to start this journey.


  • You will find all the learning materials available in this group, under the post of "Access Your Training Materials here". You will post assignments here in the group by clicking the "Create a Post" button, or you will explore other areas of the website as indicated in the assignments. You can download them, read them online, save them to your computer, or print them for your convenience. All assignments will be turned in online and posted to our World Pulse community. Our community members will post comments on your assignments, and this will be a great opportunity to start connecting with others.

Work as a Team:

  • Connect with women in your local community who are taking the training, and talk about what you are learning, help each other finish the assignments, make comments in each others' stories and have fun!


Going through all the training materials and completing the assignments can take you from a few days up to three weeks. So decide what is the best time for you and your life responsibilities, and complete assignments at your own pace.

Please contact us to if you have any questions or comments.

We are so glad that you chose World Pulse for your digital empowerment journey, and can’t wait to get started!