As a woman, I have always loved the earth. I inherited this from my mother, whose joy and celebration of nature was infectious, whether on knees in the gardens, getting water or swimming in the lakes, walking or gathering wild foods in the woods, cooking and preserving food in the kitchen. As I grew, it was the trees that I would lean against for strength, the earth that I would take in my hands to breath in her delicious smell, the sun that I would bask in for energy, the sounds of wild creatures that sang with the beat of my heart, the water that would take me to my deepest thinking, the wind that would carry me to new levels of inspiration. 

Each year, as those responsible dig their heels deeper in, in denial whether for lives of extreme luxury, or the thoughtless convenience of water bought in plastic bottles in places where water still runs freely, I mourn. I mourn for this earth and for the people who are not surviving the floods, the droughts, the messes left by oil spills and other chemical disasters. I mourn what is being done to nature in the name of scientific discovery, in the name of peace. I mourn every loss, and this deep mourning at times causes me to lose all momentum, to lose all my energy, to experience too closely despair, as it has and does continually, especially to women, as we have this special bond with our mother earth, steadfast giver of life. 

But I gather my strength to stop this terrible direction that mankind is taking, and it is the trees that stand by, welcoming my pain, strong enough to take it from my beating heart tight against their trunks, sending it down to the earth, replacing my pain with renewed strength and joy of being alive. This joy of the beauty of nature, this joy of being alive, this determination to protect our mother, is how I have found kindred spirits like you, dear sisters, who know that we are here to undo the cruel injustices being done to women and girls on this planet at this time, and, I believe connected and not a separate issue, the rape of and wanton control and destruction of this earth. It is incomprehensible to me, why this is going on. The ways that it is going on, and what we can do collectively to stop the cruelty and ruin, is my focus. The connection between the treatment of women, and the treatment of the earth is intertwined. As we find ways together to encourage strength in every girl and woman, and as we find ways to heal each part of the earth that is being spoiled, we are creating the needed shift.

To this end, we need to reverse the imbalance of power, to take our positions as leaders, and support women getting into positions as leaders on every level, everywhere, so that our womanly perspective can offer solutions currently believed to be impossible. We need to create a new world economy that solves poverty. A leap forward would be to tax even a tiny tax on the stock market, of the three quarters of the wealth of this earth, currently going off shore, untaxed. We need to continue to insist on environmentally sound business practises, no exceptions, and governments free of corruption and greed. Utopian, perhaps. But the enormity of the mess demands no less. With each other we are transforming the depth of our rage, as women who love this earth and who have survived and witnessed unspeakably shameful acts of violence, into leadership fed by our beautiful, limitless love. 

I am grateful for this group, to find ever more strongly together, a very different way.

Love in Sisterhood,


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Thanks Nusrat,

I am grateful for your response. It is powerful to know that  we worldpulse sisters understand each other so well.



Dear There - 

Thank you for sharing this. I too feel a mournfulness when I hear of the Earth's resources being squandered and ruined in the name of profit and "progress," and your description of losing momentum resonates with me deeply. I have felt such strong momentum at times, but the overwhelming force of those who have the power to continue pillaging the Earth often seems too strong to even attempt to resist. Although there are a great number of both men and women who care about our environment and who are doing their best to preserve our planet, in many countries it is women who are disproportionately suffering from the effects of our changing climate, and in many cases it may fall to women to forward the cause of environmental protection. Thank you for speaking out in this post; your voice gives me strength!

In solidarity,


Hi Liz,

Thanks for your response. I am glad that you also speak here about the moments of feeling overwhelmed. At those times I do think of all the men and women determined to protect our Earth. I am very encouraged by the current call for women to write this month for the Global Women's Climate Justice Day of Action, with WorldPulse working together with WECAN International. It is a giant step toward women's voices being heard. Knowing we are many, helps me re-gather my own strength. Holding onto a tree, or putting my hands on the earth, or lying full out on her, fills me with energy, too. My anger at the selfish hoarding of her wealth, taken so cruelly, transforms into courage and determination.

Take good care, dear Sister,



I'm embarrassed to say I hit the spam button thinking it was a high-five! They need to have an undo button for such moments! I wanted to tell you I loved your reply. High-fiving you from the heart❤️



beautifully written and I couldn't agree more about the need for more women leaders in leadership positions.  Women have a unique approach to addressing problems and I believe would be successful in ways that patriarchal societies have not. 

Blessings to you,


Hi Ann,

I agree. We as women have been patient, and we are emerging into world leadership with the strength of having survived too often the seemingly impossible. I do agree wholeheartedly that we have a unique approach, and I celebrate that we are gaining strength and momentum together. WorldPulse is for me a dream come true in this. Thank you for your message.

With love in sisterhood,


Dear Verde,

Knowing that something newly written has energized a Worldpulse sister such as you gives me such encouragement to keep on. Thankyou! 

With love in sisterhood,