It was in 1960 and at only eight years, she was already somebody’s "wife". However, it is the humiliation and punishment that she had to endure every day because she had become a "property" of the husband that pains her the most.

“I would be forced to go look after the cattle. I could not understand why everybody was referring to me as a wife. My heart would ache so much whenever I would come across him and I cannot remember any day of joy during my childhood,” she adds.

She alleges that she would be beaten repeatedly especially after losing track of the cattle. Despite her young age, the husband would demand sex from her but she would escape from him every more on the link below

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Hello Owitti - 

Thanks for bring this story to our attention. What a heartbreaking story of a series of abuses that this woman had to endure. Is child marriage common in Kenya? I would be interested in learning more about your perspective on this issue--please continue to share with us!



Hi Liz,

Trust you are well.

Yes, child marriage is common in Kenya, in the rural areas. However, a number of groups have been trying to  create a voice for the young girls by educating them on their rights...letting them know that girls are equal to boys in terms of what they want to pursue in life, that is, careerwise. The challenge is that accessing these girls who live in the interior areas in Kenya is difficult even with the improvement of Technology as such girls do not even know what the internet is for, they do not know what a television or radio is, getting information on the challenges of child marriage is difficult as these are the many forms used to disseminate information to people of this era. Kenyans are still fighting it and we shall continue to do so as this should not be happening in the 21st century, it is a bad tradition.

Thanks for reading.

Dear Juliet,

Wow, this is such a powerful narrative that pulled at my hearstrings. It must be quite a process to reach these girls and educate them about their rights, particularly in rural areas. I send all my best thoughts to activists such as you who are advocating for women and girls. Keep up your great work!

Warm regards,


Lisa Kislingbury Anderson 

World Pulse Volunteer Coordinator