nigeria women should stand up for their right.  Our men should stop using us as a punch bag.  Nigeria women should not die because they want to remain married. Our men should learn to take us as mothers, sisters, daughters and lovers.  women should be given their right.  money should not be everything to us

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Hi Roselinda eze 

Gender based voilence prevails world wide. Patriarchy in our communities leads to  discrimination and abuse of women. We have a same societal problem in our communities and if goverment could play its role of ensuring that legislations and policies that are passed aim at rids off this scourge in our communities. Non governmental organisations should be supported by goverment to assist in implementing programs that would empower the women. 

Thank you for your post. 



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Dear Roselinda,

my sister, it hurts me to hear that you and so many others in Nigeria are treated so horribly. I pray that you and those around you know that you do NOT deserve to be punching bags. You have so much value and worth to offer the world, and I am so glad you are using the pain in your life to speak out against injustice in your community. I can't imagine going through your circumstances, but you are SO strong! Have hope, know you are loved, and keep fighting for what is right, my dear sister! Blessings, Joy







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Dear Roselinda,

This is awful indeed. Even when we do not experience it ourselves, it is still a horrifying and traumatising thing to see.

I remember this man who was rebuked for violence against his wife and replied: "I know it is wrong, it pains me to see her cry, I don't know how to do differently, I can't help it, I am so sorry!". In digging deeper, we realised that he grew up in a home where violence was " the self-defence strategy". He was not taught something else and he did not know any other way of handling his anger or fury against others, including his wife. And the wife confirmed that when he was not angry, he was such a loving person.

Have you come across men who were sorry for their agressiveness, who would like to learn other ways?

How has it worked?

How can such problems be solved?



For their sake; for the women of today and the women of tomorrow: resilient, strong and precious beings!

Dear Roselinda,

I am proud of you for sharing your thoughts and emptions with us. I can feel the sorrow and anger in your words. Patriarchy! That is where the world made a mistake. It should be equality and not who is better than who. The struggle my sisters in Nigeria face is quite heart wrenching. Many women across the globe, including my country India, see the experience violence in their homes by their supposedly "better half". In this case, the men become the "worst half".

My prayers are with you all and I hope my sisters there will have the courage to act up and fight back agaisnt injustice.

We are all there!