Sonita Alizadeh -- "Brides For Sale"
Sonita Alizadeh -- "Brides For Sale": Sonita Alizadeh -- "Brides For Sale"

This is Sonita an admirable young girl.....

  1. At 10 she escaped child marriage.
  2. She sought solace in music and defined her rights and feelings through it.
  3. She is 18 and Sonita Alizadeh is not only an Afghan Rapper but also an activist.
  4. Sonita fled from the war in Afghanistan to Iran and worked as a cleaner of toilets.  
  5. Her first video was made in Iran. Notice the bar code on her forehead. The price tag!
  6. She has bagged herself a full scholarship to study music at Wasatch Academy in Utah.
  7. A documentary film on her life titled “Sonita” will premiere at the  International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

This girl will go places and she knows how to fight oppression/brainwashing and thought control.

Here is a rap video by Sonita:  "Brides For Sale"

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Dear Paul,

I am thrilled to see that you were inspired by Sonita's story and found a need to share her story on this platform. Indeed, Sonita's story is just one of the very few successful stories from the millions of little girls forced in to early marriages that abruptly stalls their childhood and plunges them into a life of anxiety - worried about the many things marriage life throws at you when you are not prepared to handle it.

In South Asia 46% of girls under 18 are married; 39% are married in sub-Saharan Africa; 29% in Latin America and the Caribbean; 18% in the Middle East and North Africa; and in some communities in Europe and North America too. So, many African Countries also present alarming indices of child early and forced marriages and this points to the need for increased concerted efforts to challenge early marriage of our girls. You are already playing an important role by sharing this inspiring story of Sonita.

This is an area I am also passionate about and I am also working towards profiling such success stories in documentaries and short films. Let's keep sharing the stories and contribute in every way we can to stop child early and forced marriage so we can make our world better for girls and women.

Warm regards,


It is so nice to hear from you Carolyn.  Thank you very much for contacting me.  I just had a three-week Internet hiatus resulting from an electrical storm which knocked out the antenna my neighbor was using to transmit wireless Internet to me.

I am inspired by your activism.  Thank you for your work on this world human rights tragedy.  I am humbled by all the powerful women here at World Pulse.  I would be happy to connect with you and support you any way I can.  We humans are slowly emerging from our tribal pasts, but not quickly enough.

And thank you for the warm smile.



Certainly, you were not the only one experiencing the internet hiatus; mine was due to travels to rural communities off the internet grid.

Thank you for your kind words. And you are very right to acknowledge the powerful women at World Pulse. It is truly encouraging to be a part of a great network of women leaders doing great work across the world. 

Thank you for following Girls Voices. I have also sent you an invite via Facebook. I hope to keep hearing more about your work too.

Warm regards,

I wish I had some "work" to report on.  It is the Carolyn Seaman's of the world who are getting things done.  Just think of me as part of the audience cheering you on.

"Three cheers for Carolyn!  Hip Hip Hooray!  Hip Hip Hooray!  Hip Hip Hooray!"