During the past six months, the second group of World Pulse Community Champions have paved the way for future community movement builders on WorldPulse.com.

From growing the groups they led to personalizing interactions with community members, from promoting actions such as a climate change petition to sharing their own stories and trainings, these champions have grown and strengthened the World Pulse Online Community.

“The group has really been one of pathfinders and pioneers,” says Sarah Murali, Online Community Mobilization Lead. “They were flexible and independent as we got this new program off the ground, and they used their vision and energy to keep it going.”

World Pulse extends a heartfelt thank you to the Community Champions who have led the five community groups between August 2015 and February 2016. As the 6-month commitment ends, 5 Community Champions -- nearly 30% -- have renewed their commitment for the next 6 months.

Sarah notes that one of the most memorable aspects of the Community Champion program the past six months has been the training calls, which offered a time for everyone to come together and truly feel like a team.

“I remember the personal stories everyone shared about what they are passionate about, what they work toward, what makes them happy, and what has helped them along the way,” she says.

Since October, champions have strongly supported four action campaigns – signing petitions to end climate change, writing letters to stop gender-based violence, taking part in the Take Back the Tech campaign, and sharing visual representations of strong leadership.Through their activism, champions have learned innovations that can be applied to their work – both online and offline.

One champion, for example, learned that to empower women economically does not necessarily mean only to give them money, but also to give them ideas that they can use to better their lives. Another champion had her work featured through a partnership with Take Back the Tech, and another facilitated a training for fellow champions.

Between November and the end of January, champions have helped grow the average membership number in World Pulse groups from 212 to 281. They have helped to enhance the program by giving feedback, offering suggestions, and reviewing new training materials to help get the next group of champions off to a strong start.

“In the future, I hope the Community Champion program will continue to grow, and that the structures and supports for Champions will continue to strengthen,” Sarah says. “As for these specific individuals, I hope they will continue to share their amazing lives and thoughts with World Pulse. I am hopeful that we could all stay in touch, and I will continue to be inspired by the amazing lives each one of them is living.”

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Thank you to World Pulse for this opportunity to serve in this role as a Community Champinion, to my fellow Champinions who paved the way for us I say thank you for your dedication and support, to the three wonderful women who I will serve with for the next 6 months may our skills and abilities be used to enhamce this group, strenghten support and leave a legacy for future Champnions.


Sherna Alexander Benjamin

"Whenever the human rights of one is violated the human rights of all are in jeopardy." - Sherna Alexander Benjamin

Dear Sherna,

I wish you all the best during your next 6 months as a Community Champion! You will be a wonderful team and continue the great work of these last Community Champions. 

Warm regards,


Lisa Kislingbury Anderson 

World Pulse Volunteer Coordinator