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My journey

A proud daughter of the grasslands of Cameroon in the North West region that I am, had to go through the thick and thin of the cultural malpractice

My Journey

I remember some few years back when a population census was held in my country and some data collectors came to my house to capture our details.

My Journey

I am Gladys Muthara from Kenya; very passionate about empowering young people especially teenagers because these graduate in to young adults after

My Journey

From a geographical perspective, my home, Jasper, Alberta, Canada, is nestled in 10 880 square kilometers of protected forest.  Living at the

My Journey

I am Asma Fakhr and 57 years old, from Lahore, Pakistan, living in this city for the past 20 years, however, I consider myself as a Global Citizen.

My Personal Assets Map

I am always very energized by my constant zeal and passion for women and girls’ empowerment which makes me envision a world where more women and gi

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