Hello, I am proud to share with you the activities Gender Alternatives plan for the 16 Days Campaign! 

Gender Alternatives Foundation (GAF) implements the “16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence”[1] Campaign locally in Plovdiv, Bulgaria for a fourth consecutive year. Thus we express solidarity and support for the global efforts of thousands organizations and activists around the world in the eradication of violence against women. We are a major Campaign’s initiator in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. With the activities we say “NO to violence against women and girls – make education safe and accessible to all”!

Many women and girls do not have access to quality education due to existing gender stereotypes and obligations in the household. These challenges pressure girls to comply with domestic and social expectations ending up in early marriages, domestication, discrimination on the labour market and lower wages. Improving access to education and vocational activities of women and girls can break the “circle of poverty” and to encourage economic advancement and other global setbacks like war conflicts and health issues.

In our efforts to secure quality education and to eradicate gender stereotypes, the GAF team has prepared the following activities which we hope to become long-term initiatives:

Press conference – announcing the start of the Campaign “Code: Empowerment” workshops

The workshops will be organized by the GAF team and led by Rachel Susser - a volunteer from New York, USA. They are made possible with the kind support of Mrs. Veselina Boteva – Manager of Social Policy Department of Plovdiv Municipality.


We will conduct several workshops on the basics of computer programming, entitled “Code: Empowerment”. With this activity, we want to encourage young people living in institutions to pursue quality educational opportunities and to further develop their interests in technology. We want to demonstrate to young people and especially to girls that coding is interesting, captivating and useful activity that can lead to sustainable professional development. Ultimately, we strive to show that the world of technology is open to all, irrespective of their age and gender.


Schedule for “Code: Empowerment” lecture (length: 1 hour +)


5 min. – personal introductions (Rachel, Rada, GAF)

10 min. – high-level overview of how computers work

30 min. –Coding Activity

10 min. – Using computers to solve real problems

5 min. – how can participants continue learning in the future?



Two months intensive courses on English Language and Information and Communication Technologies for vulnerable groups of women Street Campaign on the Main street in Plovdiv – 10 double sided advertisement canvases are allocated for the 16 Days Campaign. The activity is in partnership with ZONTA CLUB-Plovdiv. We will also disseminate brochures with the help of volunteers from Plovdiv University.


[1] “16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence” Campaign is a global campaign directed towards different types of violence against women and girls. It starts on November 25th (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) and continues until December 10th (Human Rights Day). The dates were chosen to emphasize the links between ending gender-based violence and human rights principles and highlight that gender-based violence is an international human rights violation. 2015 marks 24 years from Campaign’s beginning which dates back to 1991. The initiative is coordinated by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership.


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