Strong woman never give up.That's me.I'm came from one island in central Philippines.Single mom of two beautiful kids.I grew up with my adopted parents but when I was 6yrs old they separated because my dad have a new affair with my mom's best friend.Then,I left to my auntie,I forced to be responsible and independent with my young age.When I was in high school I'm a working student,I finished my college through  government scholar.Work in various company,but now I'm working abroad as a domestic helper/caregiver.Working abroad,far from my kids is very difficult situation but for the future of my kids I will.

When I was 16yrs old I joined in non-government organization called DSWP.(Democratic socialist women of the Philippines.It's implements interfacing programs to address violence against women,economic marginalization,sexual  and reproductive health and rights.Until now this organization is still active.

In Philippines being a single mother is very common.Separated from husband or unwanted pregnancy.So most of a woman going abroad to find job for the future of their children.And the worst that happened when they are in abroad,they experienced underpaid,over work and rape.

In my country I want that divorce will approve in the Senate.Government will provide  livelihood program for single mother so that no more woman going to abroad and left their kids.Responsible parenthood.Sex education for teenager.When young people experience significant physical and emotional changes and they should prepare  for these.






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your story is heart tourching,i appreciate your determination.People like you are the kind of people the world needs to make a change.


Jane kalu

dear champagne

i salute the courage in yoou and the sacrifices that you have made i read articles and i saw documentaries about the situations of the phillippians who work abroad ; how they are used and underpaid in some countries even their passports are taken away so they can't go back to their country... so somehow i know how difficult it is for you but there is hope and as long as we are fighting so keep it up girl :)


Dear zeinab,

Thank you, for that words of courage . Yes that's true even me my passport is not with me but instead of looking the negative way I always think the positive. I believe that there's always a sunshine after the rain.Being a domestic helper in other country is not easy, u work like 24/7, minimun hours of work is 16hrs, even you sick u still need to work . It's really sad that even though some us, experienced physically and mentally abused but they still want to stay in that nightmares, work for the family rather than going back to our country and see your kids and family hungry. We want to earn money to provide food and good education for our kids that is the only thing we want.

Regards, champagne


Stand up for what you believe in,even if you standing alone.

Dearest Champagne, 

Your stroy is very touching and quite sad. It so unfortunate that the family unit in your country is sso disrupted and children have to grow up with single parents and at times distant relatives when the mothers have to look for work abroad.

It is good that you have identified the issues that affect women and gilrs in your country and the steps that you have taken are  in the right direction. AS you said there is need for sex education and teen pregnancies at very early stages of school. Girls should also be encouraged to beielve in themselves so that they are not forced to marry men they do not love.

Thank you for the work that you are doing and am sure with time this problem will have reduced tremendously. 

Stay blessed my sister

Mrs. Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi Head of Legal and Advocacy Centre for Batwa Minorities Skype: mrs_muhanguzi

Dear anita,

Thank you for your inspiring comment. All your comments give me encourage to pursue what o want to change or implement.And as a single mom I feel great that somewhere there's someone who understand me and give courage. Thanks again sister.

regards, champagne


Stand up for what you believe in,even if you standing alone.

Something similar to what I would like to see certain changes in policies in Singapore towards singles mums or divorced mothers or maybe even those mothers with adopted children , trying to provide a better life and future for their children themselves.  These policies to be more positive and friendly to them such as being eligible to apply for public flats on their own even without complete family unit ( having no husband ) and shorter waiting time to get their flats.  Being able to also obtain baby bonus and not having to face social bias in life for being mothers on their own without a man with them.

How brave you are, champagne! I'm very impressed by your courage and those of many Philipino women who are left alone to fend in a society that doesn't serve them. I feel that at least through your difficult experiences, you got to understand the issues more personally and can be a more active and effective advocate for the Philipino women. I've spend some time in Ghana, and similar dynamic with single mothers is prelevant. This is why many households are women-centered and women with children stay in their single mother household and all of the children and family members take care of each other- a supportive clan. Of course, not all single mothers have this option. Do you think cultural values towards the responsibility for offspring needs to change or do you think implementing laws first would enable this cultural shift to happen? I think there could be a revolution of single mothers where women establish a business collectively that employs and empowers single mothers so they can stay in their homes/countries. Perhaps every town could have a collective of women that empower each other and create opportunities for employment/empowerment (giving back to their communities). What do you think? I could see you as an instigator of such a movement (establishing a center for single mothers where they can find work, support and empowerment and contribute to their communities)! Wishing you the best- you are a strong, powerful woman! -A

Hi Anesak, Thank you for encouraging comment.Yeah your right, if the government will give or establish business collectively that employs and empower single mothers.Or a livelihood training program where in women can make money even at home to support the family . Then no more mothers will take risk their lives working abroad and no more children will be left alone looking for the love and cared of their mother.

Regards, champagne


Stand up for what you believe in,even if you standing alone.

Wow... you got me at "Strong woman never give up.That's me" and I couldn't stop reading your post in a mix of riveting emotion and profound empathy.

Being a single mom, being a foreign worker, gender-based violence... They're issues without barriers these days. And yet, people like you inspire all of us to stay on the path and commit harder. Thank you for your bravery and being a voice in our community. We'll be wiser if we learn together how to address our challenges.

Looking forward to reading more from you!




Be a voice, tell a story, start the fire. | Sé una voz, cuenta una historia, enciende el fuego.

Hello San,

Thank you for your time reading my story.And your inspiring comment. Yes, if every women will unite to face the challenge and will do about global issue,we have a better place. And have a strong voices in our community. Keep in touch sis.

Regards, champagne


Stand up for what you believe in,even if you standing alone.


You are a very strong woman! Thank you for your beautiful story. Your determination and strength is incredibly inspirational and I am so glad that your story can be shared with others who may need encouragement in their own journeys. 

I am excited you are involved with the DSWP and that you are working for change in your courntry - and in the world. By discussing these issues and addressing them head-on, we can make a difference as a whole. 

Thank you. 


Dear Champagne,

Thank you for your comments on the Worldpulse platform.

It is correct that in many areas of the world women are the sole providers in families and men easily abandoned their children. I do agree with you that legislation should address this issue and make it mandatory for child support.

Whatever the good reason behind, children without their mothers cannot grow up well, mothers need to be with their children.

You are a very brave woman and I believe that you're a role model for many other women of your generation.



Kadidia Doumbia


Hi Jessica,

Thank you for your encouraging comment.Yes we can make a difference as a whole.:-)

Keep in touch.









Stand up for what you believe in,even if you standing alone.


Dear Kadidia,

Thank you for your time reading my journey,and thanks for beautiful comment.Yes as a mother it's hard to be away from my children.As a single parent I want to give them a better life and best future.Love is sacrifice.Thank you for the high technology,I can talk and connect with them through internet.God bless you sister.








Stand up for what you believe in,even if you standing alone.

My dear Champagne,

You are a couragious woman, a rare type of strong willed and powerful woman in society. I am impressed by your touching story of pain and hope in overcoming all odds to achieve success for yourself , your children and other women in your country.

I believe your work with other women and girls will receive the support it requires from legislatures and policy makers in coming up with meaningful laws on sex education, divorce, single parenting, domestic violence as well as child support upon separation.

I want to encourage you to trust the the almighty God who will guide you in making the best decisions and expand your work to the very people that need it.

Well done. Am very proud of you.

Kind Regards




Hi Jael,

Thank so much for taking your time reading my article.And for your words of courage.Keep in touch Jael.God bless you!










Stand up for what you believe in,even if you standing alone.