My name is Juksmori and I come from an Island nation that is north of Australia, called Papua New Guinea. My home village is on an even smaller island which is north of the country in the Bismark Sea. I am married and I have four teenage children, three boys and a girl. I try to instill good values in them and educate them as much as possible on issues such Gender Equality, Violence against women, Peace, and the environment. They also teach me somethings which I'm not aware of from a teenagers point of view.

My country is one of the most culturally diverse country with 848 languages. The country's geography is also very diverse and, in some places, extremely rugged. Therefore, we have alot of issues affecting women, young women and girls and the youth. Health problems, gender inequality, high mortality rates, high unemployment rates, sorcery related killings, sea level rising, etc. At the moment, I'm more focussed on educating young women and girls to become leaders of tomorrow and also educate people on human impacts on the environment, as my island is sinking.

I'm organizing "A GREEN WALK", an awareness on the impacts of humans on the environment, in the city I'm living in. The awareness will be carried out by bicycle riders around the suburbs of the city. They'll be speaking to people and distributing pamphlets written in our common spoke language, which is pidgin. 

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Dear Pidgin

First of all I would like to congratulate you on doing such a great job and raising awareness of various crucial global issues within your community. It is really refreshing to see small parts of the world producing such talented women who play their part in a better tomorrow for their community as well as their entire country. 


As a part of my dissertation programme I did a course on global sea level rise, and the impact (SLR) can have on some countries. Many people are not aware of the serious risks global warming poses to our planet, and I think we all need more education to realise the impact climate change can have on our countries and communities. So well done for organising the 'Green Walk' initiative, and please keep up the good work. Not everyone will join or even be interested in tackling the challenges global warming can bring to our environment, but if we keep doing what you are doing and educate people of the consequences of this real concern, then we will all see a better brighter future for our planet.






Hi Juksmori,

I do admire the work you do. My country Sierra Leone in West Africa is experiencing the stark reality of climate change with flooding this rainy season that has caused the displacement of thousands of people mainly women and children

I do agree with you that educating people to act to protect our environment is the only way out off the impacts of climate change.

'Green Walk' is a hugely impressive initiative and I hope others will pick a leaf to help protect this only earth we have.

Many blessings


MS Kandeh

Hello Juksmori!


Your story is a great inspiration other women the world over.


You are not only a model mother but also a women's rights and environmental advocate. I can only equate you with the late Nobel Prize Laureate from Kenya Wangari Mathai who was an examplary mother and environmental activist.


By instilling values of equality and peace in your children, you are already laying the ground work for a better, safer, more peaceful and more gender-balanced world in the future. The GREEN WALKS you plan to organise capture my feelings in yet another dimension, especially because you display understanding of the usefulness of a common language in championing common causes. The diversity of your country is similar to that of Cameroon my native country where we speak more than 250 mother tongues alongside English and French as official languages and Pidgin English as a lingua franca in most Anglophone parts of the country.

As a poet, I am very concerned with the protection and preservation of Mother Earth. What a coincidence in our visions!


Your presence in this online platform is already prove of the world-wide nature of your campaigns and you should rest assured that VICTORY belongs to you and us. Our VICTORY is synonymous to EQUALITY and EMPOWERMENT to all women.


Best of regards from Cameroon.

Kenneth Toah Nsah

(Pen name: NSAH MALA)

Kenneth Toah Nsah (Nsah Mala)

Writer, Critic and Teacher


Dear Pidgin

First i'd say that being a good mother is already a big accomplishment that you should be proud of ; people should know that it is not an easy mission to raise a child so he can be a good person who respect women and human rights in general  . so thumbs up for you.

Then THE GREEN WALK that you re organizing  is a big step to aware people of the importance of our environment . In fact the climate change is not only affecting your country it's a worldwide phenomenal ; people keep polutting the environment without caring of the catastrophic impact. people are dying and animals are endangered ...

So we must stand for mother Earth because it's the only place we have got and i encourage you to continue your actions and movements .



Thank you Juksmori for sharing your story with us. Indeed you are an inspiration to women all around the world. You are a good example as to how we all can be nurturers and protectors of our environment, even as we take care of our own families.

I think the Green walk campaign is a brilliant idea for creating more awareness about the need to protect the environment. It is no doubt today that climate change and it's effects across the world is an issue that requires our attention and action. You are doing your own little thing and i believe it will make a difference.

warm regards,


At this very moment, there are people only you can reach…and differences only you can make –Mike Dooley.

Hi Juksmori!

Thank you for sharing your story. You capture so much of our world in your brief introduction!  It is exciting to know that you are in your city making a big effort to help people see the challenges of our environment. I think the "green walk" is a wonderful way to help people better understand the issues of protecting our environment. Having raised three children myself I understand how happy a parent can be to have a child who shares our values. It is so smart of you to find a language that can be shared across so many cultures - as a way to bring people together and to talk about common issues. And I applaud your choice of investing in helping girls become leaders - often it's as simple as helping them see how they already are demonstrating leadership skills, and being successful in their own ways.

Dear Juksmori,

First off, I would like to thank you for sharing a bit of your story with us. Your island sounds like a marvellous place, full of rich natural beauty and people.

I want to congratulate you on your altrustic spirit and your leadership skills. You are raising your children to be critical, conscientious adults, and that alone is a wonderful and admirable thing. As if that weren't enough, you are using your time and your voice to be a steward not just for your island, but for the environment worldwide. Education is a key factor in bringing about long-term change, so how great that you are taking the time to educate women and girls on some of the issues that you care deepest about. Finally, I want to congratulate you on your organization of the "Green Walk" campaign. I think it's a wonderful idea, especially the handing out of brochures in the common language. Information is such a powerful thing and, in my opinion, one of the most effective vehicles for change!

Keep up the great work! I hope to hear more about your endeavours soon!

Wishing you all the best,


Dear Hodak,

Thank you for the encouraging comments. And yes, many people in my country do not understand that, in one way or another, they are contributing to Global warming thus resulting in Sea level rising and many other environmental issues that we are facing today. 

But I believe, if we keep on educating people and getting as much information on these issues out to those who are ignorant, they may understand at some point.



Hi Juksmori!

Just popping by here to let you know you can reply directly to a comment by clicking the dialogue bubble icon directly under the comment. That way the author of the comment will receive an email notification from World Pulse letting them know you have responded to them!

Kind regards,


Dear Pilar,

Thank you for the positive comments and as you mentioned, Education is a key factor in bringing long term change so if we have the opportunity to educate someone about something, take it 

Thank you all for your wonderful and encouraging comments. 

I will be posting updates of "The Green Walk" so you can help me with constructive and critical comments.

Warm regards,



Thank you for sharing your background and your passion for the environment and education of young women. I was very interested to read about your country ( that is a lot of languages to me!) and the unique yet universal problems that it faces. I believe that educating young women to be future leaders is the best first step in improving our world. The next best step is exactly what you are doing, taking an interest and active role in the community and organizing educational outreach efforts to the community. Very impressive!

I can't wait to hear how your Green Walk efforts work out, and to hear how the community responded to your efforts.



Hallo Juksmori,

Nice to meet you!

Wow, i pray the Green Walk campaign succeeds and the rest of the community understands that the environment within which we live in is affected by everything we do and we need to take care of it. What you are doing will cause a ripple effect, i believe.

In my country Kenya one woman, the late Wangari Mathai fought to save a park that was to be destroyed by building a 60storey building full of offices. It almost cost her life, but years later we celebrate her because the park was saved and today many Kenyans plant trees just to ensure that we try to save the enviroment from degradation. This is all because one woman stood up and said her #littlething was saving the enviroment by planting trees.

What you are doing is your 'little thing' which will have an impact that will be felt years to come. Thumbs up!



Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only LOVE can do that. -Martin Luther King Jnr.

I loved reading your story and your Green Walk idea to raise awareness and 'educate people on the human impact on the environment' is a great method to spread the word. Grassroots efforts are essential to informing people of the impact of many issues, including educating and empowering women and girls on how climate change affects them. Creating leaders of change, in my humble opinion, is using a grassroots method and I thank you for choosing this way to spread the word and engage people.

What has your experience been so far with educating others. I am curious to know your thoughts on what other issues may be affecting women and girls in Papua New Guinea that may or may not be a part of how we humans are treating the environment.  

I read a post on the WP Community Voices page that talks about a similar issue as you do and I suggest you check it out. It is a post written by Ghada.Amer. The subject area is women and climate change issues and poverty. I'm interested to hear what you think of the impacts and affects of climate change on women, who typically are the head of a household and poverty perspective. I also read an article that I think you will find interesting. While the focus is on the United States, there are so many similarities to that which you speak. The article is written by a woman named Naomi Klein. The link is

Thanks for all that you do and for being an amazing role model. I look forward to reading more about Green Walk and more about your ventures. 



Thank you for everything you're doing to empower women.

Riasing awareness on the environment is crucial for our planet and our existence and it has also be proven that it has a direct impact on women as social and economic actors.

Thank you for sharing your activity on the Worldpulse platform and keep us informed.




Kadidia Doumbia

Hi Juksmori,

Thanks for sharing your story! It's wonderful that you and your children are able to teach each other from different perspectives. Your Green Walk event also seems like a great event! I'm excited to hear about its success.

As an activist and educator, how do you navigate language barriers in your country? I think your story could be really helpful for other women here on World Pulse who are working in extraordinarily diverse communities.

Best wishes, Casey

Hello wantok :)

Great initiative - Would love to hear more updates about it! Thanks for sharing.

Best regards,


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