I was somehow born with a spirit insatiable about exploring and being involved as deeply as possible in life. My early life was charmed, raised by loving, creative and philosophical parents. Both artists, my parents demonstrated the beauty that life can hold. Both compassionate, they encouraged my passion for justice. I have always loved books, talking with people, and writing. Gathering information, discussing it all at length with close friends, and expressing my opinions and suggestions in larger and larger groups became a path that felt so familiar to my spirit, that I realized that these were talents that I was born with, and that I could be effective in work that needed to be done. My focus has always been injustice, to people, to the earth, and so close to my heart, the heartbreaking experiences of so many women. It was clear to me that much urgent attention was needed, to change how women and girls are treated on this planet.

I have an ability to initiate anything that needs starting, think through how to solve problems, have good effect in resolving conflicts, write articles and speeches that create action. Mostly, I have realized that I have the strength, the fortitude, the endurance, the steadfastness to listen carefully to what my sisters have gone through, to offer love and support, and to be able to find ways to hold the information and to transform it into plans to make change happen. I have been able to find ways to keep the worst details in my brain while speaking out the truth of what I have learned, and at the same time figure out how to let the pain flow through me and into the earth, where it is always absorbed, with energy returned. That is in part why I learned early to hug trees, as nature absorbs the pain and renews me always with her strength and beauty. Yoga has also been a big part of how I have renewed my strength and stayed healthy. I walk in the woods, I swim, I dance, I sing, and I rest. Solitude has always brought me peace, and time to tune into my inner thoughts of how I am, how to reach more effectively my subconscious, my source of inspiration. Lately I’m getting better at that.

All along the way, close friends and kind strangers have played a major role in my growth, my strength, my insatiable inquisitiveness of how to create a peaceful, loving world, and what to do next for and with my sisters. While nature remains my healer and muse, my assets, my talents, my gift of being able to be of assistance in this world are most easily active when I am surrounded by people. I see opportunities to make something good happen. I feel the strength of what we are able to do together. There are so many women who I feel that I know, from reading what they have written, and from seeing them and hearing them speak. I depend on their inspiration and presence in the world, even though we have never met in person. Being aware of how many we are, likeminded spirits, has accelerated so much for me in these last few years, as I have become aware of, joined, become involved in WorldPulse. It has also led me to explore FaceBook too, and YouTube, and add to my knowledge of where to find so many wonderful activists, and activist groups. WorldPulse for me has become my base, my dream come true, to be in contact with all of you. From here on, I am working toward strengthening bonds between all I have the chance to meet and/or be in contact with. Just the knowledge of what is taking place on this site has strengthened every sister I have talked with here in my home country, and enlivened their thinking of what is possible in return. There is so much more I want to do. That is the only thing missing for me, these days. Time I need to help it grow.

With love in sisterhood,


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Dear Tam

I share with you all of the feelings that you mentioned, when i read your words, i feel all word of  them, because really i love to assist who need assistance all over the world,

when you help, support, encourage people, you feel like taking yourself to the sky, and you feel internal peace! thanks for world plus, who help me to meet a lady with this great sense like you,

with all my love


Dr. Ghada Amer

Dear Ghada,

How very special to be able to be in contact with you from here in Canada, all the way to Egypt. It is clear to me that we have much in common, from your description of understanding and having the same feelings as me. One of the biggest joys in life for me is to meet others who care deeply, and who also love to assist others. I look forward to staying in contact through this amazing network.

With much love and wishes for your continued strength,


Dear Sister,

There are not enough words to describe your generosity, spirittiality which always tries to connect you with my inner soul. I can feel the journey of yours and i place myself where i get the strength to move forward.

Thanks for here Sister Tam


Dear Ukheng,

I am so happy to know that my words have given you strength. I have been so glad to know you through WorldPulse, and I have deep respect for all you say and do. Thank you for your kind words here, they give me strength as well.

Big hug,



Dear Tam, 

Thanks alot. This is very inspiring. Your parents have been a great support. Your value for justice for those who have been deprived is incredible. We are in this together. 

In solidarity,


Dear Rosemary,

Knowing of your work gives me such hope. I am so glad to meet you here and to know that from here on we are working together. Thank you for your kind words.

With love in sisterhood,


Dear Tam,

I too have always loved books and agree that you can learn alot about a person from their writings.  Please keep on listening to your sisters, I think if the world could spend a little more time doing that we could come up with some amazing solutions to some of our problems.


Dear Kristina,

I agree wholeheartedly! It has been a dream come true to find this amazing network of women determined to create change together, globally. Thankful too, for one of the only networks that holds voices of men who are determined to speak up against violence against women. Glad to meet you here, sister.


Dear Tam,


I feel good to have come across such a positive, down-to-earth (no pun intended :-)) , positive and humble person like you. You encourage me to do good things, one at a time.

Thank you! Look forward to seeing you around this website even more.

Best wishes,


Dear Nikhila,

Thank you so much for your message. I love what we are all creating here, with our connections with each other. I celebrate each one of us finding WorldPulse, and each other.

In friendship and in sisterhood,