Try to do the impossible?

I want to try new things,explore and experiment.

During my fourth year in high school.I was thinking what course I'm going take in college.Maybe Accountancy because I'm good in Mathematics.Or teacher because it is a practical course.It's easy to find job and if you work in government agency it's a lifetime benefits.But the problem is financial.As a self supporting student,life it's not been easy.

Two weeks before the graduation,our professor give an application form to all top five students.Application for government scholarship DOST(Department of Science and Technology).We take the exam.It takes one day to finished the exam.I find it difficult.The examiner said that after one month,they will send letter to those who passed the exam,if we didn't receive any letter from them automatically we failed the exam.

Graduation come.Everyone is excited for another phase of life,a college life.Except of me.I was thinking if I don't get the scholarship,where I will find the job?But I always pray that I can pass the exam.That is my only hope to continue my study in college.

One month later,I didn't received any letter from DOST,even some of classmates who take the exam.I lost my hope to continue my study in college.Until one day,one of my friend bring a newspaper wherein the result of scholarship program is there.And my name is there,in the list who passed the exam.I can't explain the happiness that I feel that moment.

I report to the DOST office and sign the contract.But the courses they offered is skills courses only.So I have no choice I take Bachelor in Science in Industrial technology major in Food service and management technology.First semester,I find it difficult because,first,I don't like this course,second, I have no interest in cooking and baking.But I need to my best to maintain my  grades or I lost my scholarship.I pray to God to guide and help me with this.I know that everything has a purpose and reason.Time passed,I'm having fun in cooking and baking,it's interesting.I found in myself the ability and creativity in cooking and baking.So ,my passion is there already.After I graduated,I worked in Food manufacturing company.

I share this talent and knowledge in my community.In school in village,every time they have a competition in table settings,table napkin folding,flowers arrangements,and menu planning.I volunteer to teach the students who will participate in that competition.I introduced to women,especially those single mother different kinds of dishes that they can cook at home and sale.Food Sanitation.Zero food waste management.Wherein the left over food can make a food in pig or chicken.Teach how to start a food business in affordable way.

Since,I joined World Pulse,it's make me realized that life is not only about myself,my kids,my family and my friends.But it's all about helping other people in community,around the world or in a strangers.It help me to realized what God purpose to me why I passed the scholarship and take that course that never across in my mind.

Now,I'm working abroad I find hard to continue and reached them.Intro digital training give me an idea to use internet to connect and help people around the world.I want to make a Facebook page which aims is to give encouraging words and thoughts for women,updated their news around the world,give some informative and useful tips for everyday life,or how to earn money at home.A page that can bring World Pulse awareness around the world.I need someone who have the same interest.Come and join me.It's time to give back our blessings to other.

















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Well done Champagne, such a captivating story!

I am so drawn to read all through, because of the way weaved your thoughts and what I like most(food!, smiles) though am a lazy cook.

Sky is your limit.




Hello Dear, Your post always make me smile and really reflect on some things. You said life is not only about "me" alone. Its about everybody. Thats thought provoking and a deep insights into reasons we need to make some decisions or take some steps that will affect our lives. Thank you Champagne.

Founder, Pink Ambition Blogger,Author, Coach,Speaker.

Hello Dear,

Your wrtting is through provoking and gave me lots of excitements too. Thanks for posting this because it has given me the courage to make some steps in my life too. Yes, life is about our sorrounding and we need to think about it.

Thanks for the post




Dear Anita,

Thank you so much for your support and to be with me in making a Facebook page.Your very adorablea woman.Keep in touch sister.






Hooray, Champagne,

Your story is exciting. It speaks to the marriage of need and imagination, digging deep and finding the pearl where we think there is none. When I saw the pictures of food and your lovely smile I thought, ah, this woman loves to work with food. Your love of God as a companion in your journey has brought you great sustenance during the challenging times but your own commitment to life itself has been equally as empowering. I believe that sharing the simplest ways others can use their basic skills and resources to earn a livelihood is going to be the key to ending poverty in the future.

Hooray, hooray, keep sharing, keep posting your pictures, keep sharing your story and empowering those you meet!



"It is your inalienable right to express the full potential of your being!¨




Hi Roshanna,

The introduction of your comment make me alive:-)Thank you dear.Food is my passion,my life.How God works in a mysterious way.I can't imagine how my passion was in the food.That is His purpose,to share my ability,my learning to other people.Stay bless dear.






I so admire you for working hard for your education, even when you weren't sure where it might lead. We could all follow your example om staying open to different opportunities and using what we have learned to better our communities.

Food is not only a basic need, but bring people together in sharing and celebration. What an amazing way to connect with people - through food.

You are an inspiration and I wish you much luck as you reach more people through World Pulse and your Facebook page.


Maggie B

Maggie B