The adventure began on a Tuesday in June, a vaginal birth, they had to use forceps. That might be why I feel stuck in my head a lot. My journey to my heart and gut started one day when I decided it was worth creating a life worth living in 2004 and crawled my way out of a deep dark depression.

Now I use my mind as a tool with gratitude! I engage in my life, my work and my education - aiming to support others in turning obstacles into opportunities to make their dreams come true. Let us believe in the magic of impossibility!

Some days feel daunting and hard on a personal level and professionally when I ask myself: What is my impact? What does it look like? How can I connect to do meaningful work? How can I earn sustainable income?

I advocate for myself and use my voice; I ask for help. I connect with women facing similar circumstances. I dream of us all believing and living: YES WE CAN. I want to connect with organizations in Asia and Africa who are interested in collaborating and expand my scope outside of Latin America. Thank you!

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Michelle, fighting personal and professional battles has become the order of my days. I work in a political environment, totally dominated by men. When the battle is not political; it is feminine. One of the greatest reads turned into a hand book is Robert Greene's 33 strategies of war. It mkes you look at everything you are experiencing as a battle and your role is to constantly identify strategies to make you win. Interestingly, the lessons from this book have made me feel like a heroic giant in my own way. I just find myself facing issues as they arise. Though it is not as easy as it sounds, but I hve learnt to enjoy the struggly gradually.

The struggle continues!

Mic for you to be here connecting and writing says that you are a star and your light can only get brighter. You have raised some inner questions which we all have ask ourselves at some point in our lives. Life is a journey and answers will come your way at some point. Keep focus and strong and believe in yourself always and be that example to everyone. Shines bight!



Hi is really nice to read your journey. You set your goals and work towards that and at the same time you are trying to expand your network. As you are looking for contacts  beyond Latin America please do contact me, as I am from India. Thanks. 


"The adventure began on a Tuesday in June, a vaginal birth, they had to use forceps. That might be why I feel stuck in my head a lot."

This made me laugh so much.

You have an amazing story , please message me as you are looking for collaborations in Africa, its always nice to work with other women.


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Hi Michelle, thanks for crawled your way out and find inspiring strength! I'm glad to see in this space so many people like you asking question and inspiring others by a living with mission of serve and be better for all human kind. Our society can be numb with violence and disparity, like if it's "the new normal". Reading you and many other World Pulse members help me to keep my hope and remember that YES WE CAN! there is still so much to do.