My name is Nancy Handabile, I am a Journalist, Blogger and Actress from a very beautiful country called Zambia.

Part of my work involves talking and campaigning for Civil Society Organisations and Non Govermental Organisations to use Digital media platforms for advocacy.

I belong to a network called Zambia Bloggers Network and part of our work involves training young Journalists and citizens to use online tools.

We also advocate for press freedom because in Zambia the Goverment claps down on online media and even blocks sites.

I have on a number of occasions had my phone tapped, I know bloggers who have been trailed, followed, threatened and even outrigthly beaten.

This has not detered me in the least however it has only stregthened my resolve to effect change in Africa using digital tools and platforms.

I am one of the main breadwinners in my family been legal guardian to my sisters teenage sons after she died.

Yes am only 26 but that is the nature of life in the thirs world we accept the cards we are dealt with by life and deal with them.

There is a big challenge regarding Mental Health in Zambia and most of it stems from high levels of un reported sexual abuse by both men and women.

How can women tell anyone about their experienced sexual abuse with the high levels of misogyny and sexism in Zambia.

There are no trauma centers where women can go if they have been abused and even the few counselling facilities available are very expensive.

I volunteer with Fracarita Southern Africa (an institution that works around Mental Health).

I am currently also working on a project called #IAmNotMyVagina / #StoriesOfTruimph to get survivers of Sexual Violence speak out and tell their stories in their own word.

So what happens is that they email me or I head to them and record audio or video footage of the speaking of their experiences and it will be going on my blog.

I am doing this with my own resources as I have not found anyone willing to help foot my projects bill.

I need video editing skills to further advance this project as well as finacial support for now I work with what I have.






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Thank you Nancy for sharing your inspirational story. Your dedication to combatting sexual assault in Zambia is inspirational. I think your #StoriesOfTrauma project is amazing, and I look forward to reading more about it. Keep sharing your story and I'm sure you'll get more supporters. I wish you the best of luck! 

Very inspiring my sister Nancy. I have been to a few place in Zambia - Livingstonia, Lusaka and Ndola. In Ndola I was working on a lands project with Action Aid, and I heard serious stories of abuse that women undergo in the copper belt. One of my greatest desires at the moment is to be able to consistently post articles on my blog and to get enough people to read them so that I am bale to influence their actions through my writings.

The struggle continues!

Thank you for the kind words Bernadette, I have worked with Action Aid on many of their projects such as Election monitoring and Tax Justice. I actually grew up on the Copperbelt and it is true that women in mining regions go through so much.

What is your blog link perhaps I can go have a peep at it, It is always refreshing to read other peoples blogs.

Blogger, Journalist and Performing Artiste

Thank you for this inspiring post, Nancy! You are doing such wonderful work – it's great to hear about the projects that you've initiated. I wish you all the best in finding the new skills that you need in order to push these projects forward. Maybe there is someone in this community who can help you with video editing skills?

Hello Lori, thank you so much. I am trying to find someone to teach me and looking online as well so that maybe I can teach myself these skills.


Blogger, Journalist and Performing Artiste

I was so impressed by your strength and determination to make changes for the betterment of women in your country.  You are not afraid to take on their issues and help them.  Keep on the great work you are doing, even while you take care of family members who need you too.

I am sure that with the resources you've already found you will find the help you need in learning video editing skills.  I bet people who are reading your blog will be able to connect you to those who can help.

You are an inspiration!  It gives me hope to know that there are strong women like you, working to make a change in the lives of women in Zambia.

Take care and keep on spreading the message.


Thank you for the kind words Barbara. we have to keep making an effort to change our communities because if we dont who will do it for us.

Blogger, Journalist and Performing Artiste

There are so many different ways we can make a difference - it's so great to see what mediums you are called to - amidst challenge at that! Your writing paints a picture of your confidence and determination which is inspiring. It reminds me to remind myself to keep going and be a powerhouse of awesome. Thanks for sharing!

This is incredible and inspiring. Your voice and those of the others who you work with create change, and create a powerful roar - silencing those who wish to keep things quiet where injustice is concerned. 


Josephine Karianjahi

Storyteller & Kenya Engagement Coordinator, Women in the Red campaign 

Website: Twitter:@womengirlslead


Hello Nancy,

First of all, let me thank you for taking the time to participate in this campaign and to share your story with us. It sounds like you are doing tremendous work in your community! I admire your bravery so much in standing up for your ideals and in working for a better future despite the obvious dangers. I, like you, believe that technology is one of the most powerful tools available today to help advance any cause. I wish you nothing but the best in your work, as well as your volunteer activities. Stay strong, your words are already making a difference here! 

Hope to hear more soon!


Your work is very inspiring, Nancy! You are taking on very powerful and important topics. Strong writers and strong women like you can make a huge difference in their communities. I am looking forward to seeing what you will do to get your video skills training and the stories that you will tell then!





Leslie Stoupas