The story that has inspired me is by Lohenry.She has moved beyond  the invisibility to become visible.She has overcome life's hurdles and is now capable of being emulated  by others.Many women and girls suffer in silence and do not speak up , this suffering ends up harming them in the long run.When we speak up we are able to not only reach out to others but also  find avenues for  beginning our healing process.




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Dear Leonida, 

Thank you for sharing your about Lohenry. I would love to hear more about her story and impact in her community and yourself. It is that courages behavior of strong women that helps us continue on our leadership journeys.

I am curious to hear your journey as well, as part of one of the assignments for the Intro to Digital Empowerement Training we have been hearing so many amazing stories of courage and resilience, I invite you to share your own "My Journey" post in this group.

In partnership,


Dear Leonida, 

I really appreciate that you shared another's story, one that is so empowering to all those that read it. Like Mayarte, I would love to hear more about Lohenry's story and how she was able to overcome life's hurdles. Both you and Lohenry are strong for speaking up in your own way. I also completely agree telling our story allows us to to start a personal and communal healing process. 

Best wishes, 


Dear Leonida,

I looked back over your earlier posts to find out you are from Kenya and are working in human rights issues through organizations that address issues of youth, refugees and widows. And then I read about your admiration of a woman who has taken your own route to address issues throiugh being visible. Interesting to think about how to use your own personal power - either as part of a movement or part of an organization. Each of us finds oiur own path to making a difference in our world. I took the path of working with organizations - starting organizations that helped families with young children find joy and community in hands-on learning, helping nonprofit groups do a better job of managing their activities. These were activities that let me use my role to make change, rather than relying on personal acts of courage. Both paths are so important. And there are many other paths as well - to lead, to support, to be part of an organization, to volunteer, to do research. I look forward to hearing more about what paths you are taking.