This was such a wonderful exercise! It was interesting to go through the list of what is considered a personal asset and realize that I have so many I never would have thought of or included. What a nice reminder of all of the assets that I already have.

I am most proud of my communication skills, both online and in person. I love conversations with people and learning more about them, while also sharing my opinion (which I used to be really scared to share!). 

I also think my ability to make others feel comfortable and safe is a personal asset. I love to listen and I think that in itself allows people to feel like they have a voice that matters and, in turn, that it is being heard and responded to. It is that kind of atmosphere that I try to cultivate everywhere I go, as I think a world full of environments like this is a world I strive to create around me (and hopefully beyond).

My girlfriends are hugely inspirational to me and, although most of them now live in other regions or even countries, we use digital media to communicate. So even though they might not be with me in person, we still make the effort to create spaces where we can share stories, updates, discuss important issues and debate matters that are important to us. They are also the ones I go to when I need help, support or advice. I know they don’t have an ulterior motive and just want to make sure I am healthy and taken care of. What would I do without my girlfriends…

I think having such strong connections with my women friends will be something I “use” more and more in the future. I hope we will continue to have important discussions with each other and then come up with ways to share what we’re talking about and solutions to problems we might be debating. 

Taking the conversations outside of our small circle and into the wider world, and including other women, is a goal of mine. I believe that the World Pulse community can play a huge role in this and look forward to hearing from new voices that haven’t been part of our conversations. YET.

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Hi! :)  I totally agree with you, doing this exercise is incredibly empowering!  It's a reminder that we have so many resources, inside and outside of us, when it is so easy to forget it. 

I'm happy for you that you have friends you can share so much with. It is so important to feel loved and supported, and to know you have someone you can turn to, even if you're far away (the wonders of technology!). It's also nice that you can make people feel comfortable, in fact it's a quality I absolutely LOVE in people I meet! I often worry about being judged or in the way of someone, which is actually probably rarely the case but not everyone has that special ability to make you feel good right away around them. Good for you! :) 

I hope your voice will keep expanding, and touching more and more people!

All the best,



I couldnt agree with you more that this was one of the best assignments coz of the way it made us look deeply into ourselves and around us.

I am particularly amazed that we seem to share so much in common. I dont have close assosiation with people who are physically near me. Most of my connections and what keeps me going is usually related to my online connections and learning. Connecting and learning new things from people at different times.

Do you have anyonline blog?

The struggle continues!


Just like you Lorihenry, my girlfriends are hugely inspirational to me! They are also a huge support system and that is why I found WP very useful and inspiring. I am making new contacts here and It is also an asset.

Thank you vey much for sharing..

Raquel Jacobs

Thanks dear Lorihenry for highlighting the importance of strong bonds between women. Hope to read more about your conversations and experiences with others.

Best wishes and warmth,


Dear Lori,

I want to thank you for sharing a bit about yourself with us. I like how you mention that you have discovered assets which you didn't consider to possess before. I find that it is so great so reflect sometimes and to try focusing on the positive aspects of ourselves instead of the negative. If more people did this, I think the world would be a different, and better, place. But until that happens, it's important to have people like you: people who strive to create warm, inviting environments for everyone they meet. 

I also want to echo your thoughts about the relationships that we develop with our friends and with women beyond our immediate circles. These can be huge powerhouses for propelling discussions and ultimately, inspiring change. Afterall, what is World Pulse if not just that? A safe space where women can connect, support and inspire one another so that ultimately, we may foster far-reaching change.

Thanks again for sharing. Keep up the great work!

All the best,


Hi Lori,

What a fresh and uplifting post! Makes us count our blessings. There's nothing a group of self-confident women can't accomplish! Girlfriends empower each other and that alone is enough to go that extra mile. Thank you for your post and hope to interact more on this platform.



Hi Lori,

Sounds like your personal assets excercise was a great reminder of your talents in communicating and listening. Some of the most important assets when we want to encourage change and good living. I loved your way of explaining how you connect with girlfriends, and your plan to be a catalyst for those important conversations with others. Your post exudes such an upbeat attitude - my guess is your positive energy is contagious with the people you connect to.