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Dear change-maker,

It is with great pleasure that the World Pulse training team welcomes you to start your digitial empowerment with us. We have already heard from dozens of women leaders from around the world during our firts two rounds since the launch of this all-new training in September 2015, and we have been inspired and humbled by the stories, the voices and courage shared in our global community by so many of you.

We were inspired to share with you  more about ourselves and our journeys. It is increadible to hear how all of us in our own right are acting as leaders in our lives and communities. The training team is excited to act as facilitators and witnesses for your visions of change in the struggles and conditions of women and girls around the world.

We will be with you during your entire engagement with the Intro to Digital Empowerment Training and will make sure to support you in joining all of our leadership opportunities with World Pulse and join you as a supporter and collaborator in our global community.

So who are we? The Intro to Digital Empowerement Training facilitators are Stephanie Auxier and Maya Muñoz-Tobón with the amazing support of Tiffany Purn. We come from different backgrounds and experiences as you all do, and our main goal is to support you in achieving your goals for this digital empowerment path.

Learn more about Stephanie Auxier here.

Learn more about Tiffany Purn here.

Learn more about Maya Muñoz-Tobón here.

We look forward to building a stronger network and community of women change-makers!

In parnership,

Stephanie, Tiffany & Maya

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Fantastic trio,

You have awakened in me the desire to use digital communication platforms to communicate. I look forward to enriching my skills and knowledge as I continue interacting more on this platform!!!

The struggle continues!


We are so pleased that you joined our community, and have been really inspired by reading your stories and learning more about you and the bold voice you use to give attention to women's issues and experiences in your community. We look forward to continue listening to your stories and solutions.



This is a brilliant team! I totally loved the course although I took it after the course period had expired. It was so informative that I did the course and the assignments within two days.

Thank you.

I hope to join the Voices of Our Future training.

Gladys Muthara,

WEE Global Champion, Quality Education Champion.

Dear Gladys,

Wow! Thank you so much for joining the community and participating in this training. I am so glad that you found the training opportunity enriching. 

Please let me know if you have any questions while applying for Voices of Our Future. Check our training site here, to keep up to date with all the information about this upcoming training. In partnership,