My hope is that ALL children, women and families live in safe, nurtuing relationships and environments. There are many organizations in Oregon (where I live) that support this mission in homes, schools and communities. Unfortunately not all children, women and families have or know how to access them. 

I feel lucky that in my community most families may have access to safe spaces and communities. And we are surrounde by physical spaces and nature that are beautiful. It does feel sad to me though that in a community that has so many assets that not all families share them equally.

A unique thing about me is I am passionate about nurturing people, relationships, families AND the environment. Often times people are passionate about either the environment or social issues but they often are disconnected. To me families and the environment are very intricately linked and both need tenderness, nurturing and thoughtful attention about how to best treat them.

I try to use my knowledge and resources to share with people who are seeking them. I feel quite fortunate that even if I don't know the best way to nurture children, women, families and/or the environment I have many friends and family that I can turn to for guidance. In addition I can turn to my relationships to find resources and organizatons that support my passion.

To me the relationships that I have are the greatest personal ASSET that I have.




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Hi Beth,

I found your comparison between the nurturing that children and families need and that the environment needs to be interesting. Although I had never thought of this in terms of providing nurture, there are so many ways in which environmental and social issues are connected. I'm glad that you have strong relationships and people in your life that  help support your passions. I'd be interested to learn what you think could be solutions to improving the nurture that women, children, families, and the environment are receiving in Oregon. 



Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for your comments. I oftne think that we don't connect our efforts between the environment and those for women, children and families. That is why I am looking forward to learning from women in World Pulse but as I learn of efforts  I will share them.

Thanks for helping to support World Pulse as a platform for women to share.

Kind Regards, Beth