A person who impacts a life positively is never forgotten in a hurry. I don't want to be forgotten in my community. Together with my community women, who are real victims of gender based violence, we can use unity without pretence to achieve a community free of violence perpetuated on women by women themsleves.

I feel this is something I owe myself and my community because I am also a victim of violence perpetuated by other women like many others in my community. I am convinced the skills i have acquired from education, job, marriage experience, leader of an association, in public speaking, interacting with one another and many more will enable spark a change. I intend to use every opportunity to try to talk to every woman/girl on the importance of working for one another.

My life will have been useless and won't have been thinking in this manner if my mother was not there to guide me. She has always been there for me at every stage of my life. if i am thinking of changing something in my community today, it is thanks to her principles concerning human relationship especially among women. She usually says women are failing because we spend time being jealous, envious, wicked and why not planning for one another's downfall rather than empowering ourselves.

At this stage, there is no backing out because my community has so much that i can use to realise my dream. Schools in myarea have clubs which carried varied activities which I am currently using to reach out to the girls. I believe if part of my campaign of changing mentality is focused on the young 'woman', a community void of violence can be guaranteed. It is for this reason that we have started the "every girl for any girl initiative" in school clubs where the issue of bullying which is about 75% the cause of violence is being addressed.

Though it may seem difficult since we lack some equipment and financial resources we intend to use organisations, youth cultural festival and other women involved in this struggle to get closer to the others. frankly a social network like Worldpulse is a great assets since we get ideas, stories and powerful women with inspiring proposals and solution.

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Dear Masalein,

The reality of violence of one girl/woman toward another is so painful, and so real. Your committment to your community to address this issue creates hope. It was moving to learn that your mother spoke so directly to you on this issue, and it was also moving to read about the growth of your campaign. I love your title: Every Girl for Every Girl. Getting into the school clubs and/or creating school clubs is such an effective way to make a difference in the lives of those lucky enough to meet you and hear what you say.

Best wishes with your work. You might think of posting this to the Gender Based Violence Group as well. Please keep us updated as your plan grows. 


Dear Tam Being a victim gives me enough experience and strength to correct this vice. I pray to get all resources needed to do this. It's well because the response from the girls is positive. Gradually we will get there