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Be a part of the biggest grass-root effort in history by planting a seed/tree as a “give back” to Earth!

It's a Native American tradition that when you take something from the Earth, you must put something back. Earth Day 2015 will be a global "give back to Earth" event, as an "offering" for all the planet gives us. Our goal is to plant one billion seeds/trees. Please plant something that is organic, perennial and suitable to the growing conditions in your area. If the temperature is not conducive to planting on April 22nd, please start growing a plant indoors or commit to planting your tree once the outdoor temperature is warm enough. If you live in an apartment, please plant something in a container or donate a tree to a garden in your area. Please nurture your plantings, like children, until they can sustain themselves on their own. 

Region North America
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Thanks for sharing this Tiffany. Giving back in ways that will restore, nourish, nurture, transform and protect the earth is a way of stiriing or leading change. I enjoin members of our community to get creative and start giving back to the earth.

We can each and collectively be the change we want to see in the world.



Thanks for sharing! This day always takes me by suprise and then I'm sad because I missed it. Instead I would rather, actively plan to celebrate the day. Adding it to my calendar now!!

Thanks Tiffany for sharing this. Will there be a global Hashtag online on the 22nd to celebrate and deepen this action?

We really have to preserve and nurture the earth.

...dust the smoke off the limitless treasures in you.

Agreed! I'm happy to be aware in advance of the celebration of Earth Day so that I can commit to celebrating in my own way, and give gratitude! Thanks, Tiffany!

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