How we define leadership, becomes the criteria  for volunteers and leaders of World pulse community to get the task executed...

Leaders are born, we have known and learnt thus,but what we haven’t yet realized is, leaders can be created…Yes ! that’s right , a leader can be created in any field .For this let me explain with another definition,

Who is a leader?

Leader is a person who can carry forth a task , howsoever small or big it may be, to the level of accomplishment with the help of a team ,keeping in mind the welfare of his/her team and community.

One who is knowledgeable, intellectual, learned , need not necessarily ,be a leader.

A leader can be anyone who has the capacity, ability, confidence, conviction and enthusiasm to perform a given task in every proper way and one who achieves the goal with a zeal. A leader is a person who influences the thought process and attitude of people around him/her to encourage and motivate the comrades with his/her vision and ideas.Such a person has the capability to bring a change anywhere , a change which can do wonders for the society.

When Worldpulse talks of women’s issues, the range of these issues is varied and wide,depending on the socio economic conditions  along with the traditions of places and religion. These issues aren’t simpler to resolve and have been embedded in our roots since long.To tackle with such problems, the old roots of falsity and egoistic traditions should be first lead aside, only then can the mind be broadened to embrace the new changes in the existing society.

I wished to express today on leadership , as this is the key element ,which can bring changes in our society.And who else but we all from Worldpulse can create and represent as leaders in different parts of the world , kindling a new flame of revolution.

“ I shall be a flame of knowledge

spreading the fire to dark forests


I shall be the flying bird

whence the flock will soar for miles high above


I shall be the brighter moon

to disseminate the energy of enthusiasm


Come let’s join hands and create leaders

Women of this age,

will be the great  revolutionists.



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Dear Soumya

Your insight about who a leader is and the true meaning of leadership shines through and through, in your beautifully pieced together post. Thank you so much for sharing from your wealth of creativity with us. I found the content truly motivating and sure look forward to the days ahead of us in this group; with hope for progressive change.

Together we can, together we will.

Hugs, Olanike

Dear Olanike, Sure, " Together we can, together we will". Women today have to join hands from every corner of the world, get connected, learn, unlearn, explore, educate and acquire the conviction of knowledge and learning in them to bring the progressive change. Iam glad, my voice is heard out here and it reaches to one and many who find it motivating. Every small step in this change shall surely result in a giant leap. Thanks, Soumya



Dear Soumya,

Your words touched my heart deeply, such a beautiful reminder of how important it is that we hold onto our awareness that we have created, can create and are continuing to create change. Your reminder of the importance of encouraging more and more women to become leaders, and for us all to celebrate the connections we have now each other through WorldPulse, has strengthened my determination today.

With love, Tam

Dear Tam, Its lovely to hear your views here and what you feel about reminding ourselves to create more and more leaders. I am surely delighted that you believe in the thought and shall encourage more women to be leaders of themselves and of their communities. Thanks, Soumya



Dear Soumya,

I find this post remarkably relevant today. My vision for this community is exactly what you eloquently say in your post. I will like to see every women in our community to find the confidence and resources to expand her leadership to “achieve the goal with a zeal”, and to find the best style and means to become their best version of a leader.


Thank you Maya. It is really important to analyze one's own talent and characteristics and then get motivated to further walk a step and start expanding. The step towards leadership shall help one and many in a society leading to prosperity and growth. Best wishes, Soumya



Wow Soumya! Men, women, human beings should lend their ears to what you just said. I love the diverse ways in which you expressed your thoughts: a mix of prose, bolded defenitions,and poetry...