I love mathematics, the aroma of maths in my nostrils is like roasted chicken in a 5-star hotel. Maths loved to hold my hands, it walks with me through the table of merchants in the market, it trained me on the number of strings to pluck on the guitar, it advised me during bank transactions. When I couldn't punch the digits on my phone, maths was there to pick out the numbers. Counting the number of age, time, length, times I breath, the number of eye blinks at the cinema became easier.

Then, the shock came! I was offered to study biology in the university. Oh my God! Well, I accepted it because it was an offer. It wasn't hard, but after I tried changing the hands of time for 2 years, I gave up.

Rather than struggle with the wind, I decided to gently swim with the tides. I started preparing for the next phase of life. It was no longer a matter of just graduating, it was a matter of engaging my inner man to listen to my Creator's heartbeat.

I knew I can't fail any course, but i did. I knew I will never resit for a course, but I did. All that was a learning process about how real life runs. Wins, losses and more wins, bigger wins!

In the future, I didn't want to be labelled only based on my course of study, but first as God's creation, as an human being then with aura of limitless possibilities. Gbam!

Dear Student, Friend, Sister, Brother... I know many questions fall and rise through your guts when in class, at the church, in the society, but you dare not ask!

I know you've found out most of the things mummy was afraid of discussing with you.

I know your pastor speak in certain 'codes' that are normal words in your mental archive.

I know you have access to the internet -- daddy said it spoiled you and of course, let it spoil your assumptions and prejudice. Daddy is on the internet now too.

You have seen, watched, heard and read the things that your teacher and society will teach in 2030. Isn't that great?

Yes, it is great only if all that knowledge and overload of information help us to become a better citizens, more prosperous nation and better learners.

The better your inner man can decode why your creator placed you here, the faster, sweeter and awesome everything becomes.

Dare to call Him father, stick your ears and mouth on His breastplate.

Aren't We Limitless?