Kashmiri Women
Kashmiri Women: Women in Kashmir waiting outside a polling booth to cast off their votes during elections. Courtesy: Athar Parvaiz/ IPS

I wonder whether there is any safe place to live peacefully, today! 

Reason: Global conflicts!

It is weird to see that throughout the world we see people at the helm, especially menfolk representing women at the global level, in conferences, discussions, seminars, workshops and what not! It is not bad! But, the irony is when we see the limited participation of women and others speakingon their behalf. I ask myself, why so? Are we dumb! Don't we have a language! If yes, then why is  there reluctance! What are we afraid of?

Have we become used of holding one thing or other responsible for not speaking out. Agreed, that there are some tricky situations which would be life threatening for women to become partcipative. But, that cannot be the situation everwhere!

Or, if it is so? Then, may be I am living in a world of ignorance!!!

 I stronly believe that women cannot blame anyone for their present status. Challenges are everywhere. We see people who really have a quench for a change, they ought to work for it, despite all the barriers. May be they have not suceeded, but atleast they are trying rather than living a remorseful life and always putting blame on the situations.

When a woman would start taking herself seriously and worthy of doing things, than the half work is already done.

Women are born with special skills and positioned at the heart of their families to percieve both good and bad feelings. They can play a great role to shed light on the under-reported issues and become vocal. They need to live a life of victims but should rise as survivors and become example for others.

We are all battling with challnges in one way or other. So, lets work together in unison and recognize our power to shape our present and future with positivity!!!


Thank you!

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Women are rising up, dear Aliya, and taking on the leadership you describe here! As you said, women have always been leaders at the "heart of their families" and have made incredible contributions to their communities, but too often, they have had to do this quietly, without many resources or much recognition. And too often they have been limited to only these quieter, informal forms of leadership, and excluded from positions of power in political and professional fields. Not for long! This is changing, slowly but surely. We still have a long way to go, but I absolutely believe you are right -- together we can recognize our power and shape our future with positivity!

Dear Aliya,

What I love about your call to action here is your vision that there is no reason that we have to continue with the little leadership that we as women have been able to achieve at this point. There are so many ways that we have been held back, and I agree that believing in our selves and in the special skills and presectives that we carry is so important. The photo of this determined line of women waiting to vote goes so well with your strong and encouraging words. With you, and Sarah above, and so many women rising into leadership these days globally, I am hopeful that your words to do even more will be heard.

With love in sisterhood,