Kayode Ayankoya is a true leader in every sense of the word. Whilst we have only been friends for a relatively short time, he is someone that epitomizes the term 'servant leadership' and through his efforts and commitment to his community, he has gone on to change many lives for the better!

Having come to South Africa from Nigeria with relatively nothing besides a passionate dream, he not only worked his way up to the highest levels of academia (having just received his PhD in Data Science) but, he has also built a very strong Church Community with over 1,600 dedicated congregants in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Spending time with Kayode and his congregants is a very special experience. They love him as much as he does them and its this type of loyalty, commitment and dedication that I too aspire to create within my own community.

Thank-you Kayode for being such an incredibly special leader and friend. 

My life is better for knowing you...

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This was a beautiful share about Kayode's efforts and achievements. Iam sure his leadership will join and connect more people to take initiatives in life and work .

Thanks for posting ,this on your journal ,Stepuptf.

We need many more leaders like such!

Best wishes,


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Thank for sharing about this great leader.Great to hear about Kayode's efforts and commitment in his community! Thanks again for sharing.

Grace & Peace,



Thanks ladies! You inspire me so much to continue pushing forward! I feel like this community is such a special place for changemakers to connect! 


Dear STEPUPTF, Thank you for your journal. Through your journal,  I understood Kayode is a really great leader. I also knew a passionate dream and an effort is really important for better and fulfilling future.

Thank you.

Hi Hikarlie, 

Thank-you for your comment! I absolutely LOVE Japan, I've been there twice already! Kyoto captured my heart :-)  I would love to learn more about what you're up to and see if there are ways for us to cross-culturally collaborate! Thank-you!