I’m very grateful to connect with you all, especially joining you on the Technology and innovation group.  As I perused through various items on the internet, an advert caught my attention and I decided I want to do this. That’s how I joined world pulse online community. Am happy that I made this decision, thanks to the creation of social media, I now have a chance of connecting and sharing with you.

My joining the world pulse online community has inspired me a lot especially with the existing personal  leadership growth and development that has helped me begin networking with other leaders on a global platform; joining groups , sharing and exchanging ideas/ resources that as a leader will enable me create the ideal future for myself and my community. 

For many years I have worked in various setups and after a lot of analysis and consideration I realized that the problems of girls and women in my community and in my country supersede that of boys and men and decided to help /support. The cases of inequality due to harmful traditional practices/norms such as; gender based violence, early forced marriages, early unwanted pregnancies, Female genital mutilation among other issues, have impacted negatively on them.  Many cases surrounding these issues go unreported.

Discourses on issues, and raising voices of girls and women in my community will help. Through digital media people can also be educated to understand the importance of supporting girls and women education, on health matters, among other social, economic and political aspects.  Today, cell phones have helped in communication. It’s a gadget that has helped all people including the uneducated in reaching out to other people. When we have other important modes of raising their voices, such as the communication media, then the many problems will eventually reduced or eliminated. That’s why my journey through digital communication is very important to me.

 My goal is to improve girls’ and women’s lives socially, economically and in political decision making by amplifying their voices through digital communication for future sustainable development.

There are two very important issues that need to be considered, through digital communication to reach out to many girls and women, involve them in development activities and protect them from problems caused by harmful traditional practices as we continue finding solutions to other problems.

Technology has continued to improve various sectors of development. In itself, technology is an effective tool for development. With digital empowerment I can share the plight of many girls and women in my community and nation and find lasting solutions to their problems. 

As an education and development professional, I believe in myself, my ability to help change what needs to be changed and rededicate myself to the efforts and willingness to make decisions and see people as a team considering people are important.

The most pressing issue that needs to be considered is the question how to protect the girls from my community and help them complete school. We can only have lasting solutions when we look for them and with the necessary resources.



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Hi Rosemary, Thank you for your lovely post. Yes true - we are continuously faced with challenges in this current fast-moving world we living in and technology continues to be a driving tool that allows us to communicate and collaborate. It also provides many opportunities for our people, and our young girls and women to help them to develop and build themselves but at the same time, if abused the consequences can be unfortunate. Thankful that we have such online communities and initiatives such as World Pulse that allows for us to discuss and if all our young women and girls could be a part of World Pulse to learn, be empowered - we could all work together in developing our women and preventing them from participating in activities that will not add value to their lives. Let us continue to journey together in the world of digital communicaton to assist in improving lives of our people through information sharing and networking.




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Dear Carolepng,

Am very happy for your inspiration. Sure with our driving tool ( technology) we will continue to communicate and collaborate.You are right we have the opportunity to develop and build our girls and women.

Like you mentioned, et us continue the journey together in the world of digital communication to assist in improving lives of our people through information sharing and networking. I like that. We are together in this let us network and support each other for our girls and women.

Warm regards,



Dear sister,

We are also very glad that you decided to join us. I was reading what you wrote and I am very impressed with your determination and strength. Your community needs you, and you are a great asset.

We are proud to have you with us, welcome to our communtiy.

A drop of rain can revive the earth, be the drop.


Dear Hummingbird,

Thanks a lot. Am very grateful for welcoming me into this group and very happy that you read the post. Am also very proud to be with you too. You mentioned, A drop of rain can revive the earth, I like that.

Again, thanks a lot sister,

Warm regards,


Hi Rosemary,

So glad to see you here in the technology group! As I was reading your post, I was thinking that yours would be a wonderful story to share during our Take Back the Tech initiative. You are using technology to stop gender-based violence by raising awareness. These are exactly the kinds of solutions we are trying to highlight with this opportunity.

Stories shared for this opportunity will be submitted to Take Back the Tech and may also be shared on their website, thus reaching an even larger audience. If you'd like to share your story, just re-post to the group with the title "Take Back the Tech: ..." and then your story title. You can read more details about this opportunity here in Hummingbird's post: 


Thank you, as always, for your contributions!


Dear Rosemary,

Welcome to World Pulse! It really is a wonderful place to create a conversation and to begin to tackle the important issues in our lives. You are right that we need to engage women and girls in the dialogue through technology. By enabling them to participate, understand and change their own communities, technology can give them the tools to improve their own lives and the lives of women who do not have the same tools available.

Thank you for working on behalf of your community. I agree that continuing to educate ourselves about how to work as a team is important, too. I'm looking forward to hearing more about how you are working towards helping the girls in your community finish school.



Dear Tamara, Thanks a lot. Am happy to be with you on World Pulse and to share stories from our communities. To learn more about how am working towards helping girls in my community, please visit the organization website to that effect. In case of any questions please let me know, I will be happy to respond.

Check the new link www.gepantanzania.org

Again, thanks,

Warm regards,