We always have stories within and around us, we have our own perception to look at things and we have our decisions to do something for the things happening or help someone to do something for the things happening within and around us. Before World Pulse, I used to write my blogs, it was more about my poems and personal stories of happiness and pain. Back then, it was more about me and my things.


When I joined WorldPulse I immediately asked if I can become online volunteer and I did that. When reading profiles and stories on worldpulse I got inspired. I felt connected and it taught me to think beyond the small things that's the part of our life. I started writing about my surroundings and people who are making change and trust me it felt so good, it felt like I am doing something, I am making CHANGE even when I am writing stories. Isn't it the most powerful way to make change!

Have you felt the same way? Have you felt connected to people in WorldPulse? Have you felt like someone else is writing your story although they are from another part of the world?

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Hi Nilima,

It's exciting to hear from women who feel the same way about World Pulse! I always come take a look at what's been posted after a day at work, and I can honestly say that reading about other members experiences and all of the empowerment that is going on here is the best part of my day. 

I hope that you'll continue to post about the stories you are hearing and telling!

Warm wishes,


Dear Nilima,

Yes and Yes, you are making change, you are a wonderful voice and a wonderful sister. Thank you for being an online volunteer and for spreading the spirit of change.

Peace and love sister,

A drop of rain can revive the earth, be the drop.


Thank you hummingbird !!! I say the repeat the same words for you.You are a wonderful member of worldpulse and i am more than happy to know you.


Nilima from Nepal