Hi group members,

Have you read the ‘Women weave the web’ report that has recently been published in world pulse? There are some interesting findings about the internet and women. I found some of these things in the report are really important and are somehow relevant to us;

Internet as human right Men determining women’s access to internet Affordability Women’s safety and privacy in internet Gaps in digital literacy and Language barrier

What is your opinion on this and how do you relate the report with your own circumstances?

As you are interested in technology and innovation, i think this report is perfect to know the relation between women and technology and how innovation has empwoered women. If you haven’t read the report yet, then you can find it here- http://issuu.com/worldpulse/docs/www_recommendations_package/1


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Thank you Asma. Please read the report , you will find it more interesting. And we will be more than happy to hear your opinion on it. Perhaps you could share a story related to it.


Nilima from Nepal

Thank you dear Nilima for shedding light on "Women Weave the Web" important findings and results. Knowing the reasons and stories is one way to reach solutions and work on innovative answers. Hope our WP members read this important report, which is written beautifully. 

With solidarity,

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Thank you Nisan. I will be happy to read our WP member's view on it and perhaps they might have their own story related to this.


Nilima from Nepal

I agree with Asma Fakhr -- the title is so attractive! And the report is equally beautiful. Thanks so much for bringing it to the group's attention, Nilima!

I'd be curious to hear other opinions about some of the report's findings that you mentioned. For example, the language barrier. How much does not speaking English limit access to the internet? How much does it limit access to World Pulse? Understanding that not everyone speaks English (nor should it be a requirement for accessing information and connecting to others!), how can we decrease the language barriers online? Would love to hear the reactions of others!


Thank you Sarah. This report has brought us some of the very interesting questions to be addressed to and i think we can do the little brainstorming on this in this group.


Nilima from Nepal